Apprentices – Bricklaying, Your Future Freedom!

Take on a bricklaying apprenticeship and discover a hands-on satisfaction like no other.

Australian apprenticeships are not all the same and bricklaying is no exception. If you enjoy being outdoors, like working with your hands and love seeing the end results of your work – becoming a qualified bricklayer could be just for you.

Just like other Australian apprenticeships, you’ll earn good apprentice wages while working towards your trade certificate qualification. After that, the sky’s the limit! You can become your own boss, hire other bricklayers as part of your own bricklaying gang – and even progress further, with a successful career in the building and construction industry.

That’s just a glimpse of the possibilities available to you. For more information on Australian apprenticeships in bricklaying, or about becoming a qualified bricklayer, explore our website.

For state specific information on bricklaying apprenticeships use the blue State Apprenticeships menu located at the top of the page.

Blog Articles

  • QLD Apprentice Incentives

    Major regional Qld subsidy makes good business sense for Bricklayers

    All regional Qld bricklayers considering putting on an apprentice bricklayer should consider, if they haven’t yet, this significant $20,000 Back to Work “Youth Boost” incentive, running between December and the end of February 2017.

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  • Students, Job Seekers: Best Entry Point to Construction Trades

    This is what recently qualified tradesmen are telling us about having completed their apprenticeship in Bricklaying and Blocklaying. These are their own words, not ours and they represent just a few of the great comments about their decision to choose bricklaying as their first or sole trade qualification.

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  • Masonry Madness is on again in the USA

    I’m currently in Las Vegas, USA, representing ABBTF attending the biggest annual event in bricklaying on the planet and thrilled to be again judging the apprentices competition. Dubbed ‘Masonry Madness’, for good reason, the full program is a collection of the most exciting masonry competitions in the world – all set for Wednesday January 18 (US time).

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  • Is TAFE SA Tonsley the most inspiring Building Trades campus in Australia?

    When Tonsley campus, Clovelly Park, SA opened in January 2014, ABBTF was later invited to inspect the building and bricklayer training facilities and the team was impressed, to say the least. It’s a modern, open bricklaying centre with the space to work.

    Tonsley is arguably the best place to train, based on the new $120 million state-of-the-art facility, on the former Mitsubishi Motors site. The original car manufacturing upper structure was retained overlayed by a modern industrial architectural design for the fit out.

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  • Brickies Can Handle the Heat

    Recently we have experienced the true meaning of the term ‘Melbourne Weather’. The extreme temperatures that we have experienced randomly were made all the more uncomfortable as we went from one extreme to another to such a degree that the heat took many by surprise.

    Normally this time of year we get the chance to ease into the warmer weather however many bricklayers told me they were caught out by the recent surge of heat because of all the unusual cold conditions we have been experiencing.

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  • NSW Bricklaying Benefits as State Tops HIA Housing Scorecard

    HIA has last week reported that New South Wales has widened its lead over Victoria in the latest HIA Housing Scorecard report. The HIA Housing Scorecard ranks each of the eight states and territories based on the performance of their housing markets.

    “The large states dominate the top rankings in the latest HIA Housing Scorecard, with NSW extending its lead in first place thanks to a remarkable performance on the detached house side,” explained HIA Senior Economist, Shane Garrett.

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  • Raising the Bar through Discussions on Product Knowledge and Standards

    For some time in WA ABBTF has been running an ‘ABBTF Supervisors Course’ for building supervisors responsible for overseeing contractor Bricklayers and other trades on building sites.

    It’s a good time for this in WA where building starts have slowed and there is less demand for new apprentices, the core Purpose at ABBTF.

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  • Finding Your Career Pathway Just Became a Bit Easier

    Australian Apprenticeship Pathways has developed a helpful quiz called Career Interest Explorer to help students starting out on the journey of selecting a career path.

    It’s really simple, it’s private (no names required), it takes about 5 minutes and can be redone if you want. It all happens by choosing a point along a scale for the various questions!

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  • What do these students have in common with Bronson Harrison?

    They are all involved in bricklayer training. Bronson, a St George Illawarra Dragon and Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador, employs two apprentice bricklayers together with his bricklayer brother Cheyne in their construction business.

    It’s great to hear of a top sportsman with a plan for life beyond NRL and one prepared to share it with others. Bronson was previously also an Apprentice Mentor in the NRL’s Trade UP program.

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