Apprentices – Bricklaying, Your Future Freedom!

Take on a bricklaying apprenticeship and discover a hands-on satisfaction like no other.

Australian apprenticeships are not all the same and bricklaying is no exception. If you enjoy being outdoors, like working with your hands and love seeing the end results of your work – becoming a qualified bricklayer could be just for you.

Just like other Australian apprenticeships, you’ll earn good apprentice wages while working towards your trade certificate qualification. After that, the sky’s the limit! You can become your own boss, hire other bricklayers as part of your own bricklaying gang – and even progress further, with a successful career in the building and construction industry.

That’s just a glimpse of the possibilities available to you. For more information on Australian apprenticeships in bricklaying, or about becoming a qualified bricklayer, explore our website.

For state specific information on bricklaying apprenticeships use the blue State Apprenticeships menu located at the top of the page.

Blog Articles

  • Beerwah Anzac Memorial 2016 Thumbnail

    ANZACs Honoured by Bricklayers

    Originally Mitchell Osborne’s dad had a contract to build an ANZAC memorial at Beerwah but when he was unable to go he called upon his son to help. Mitchell jumped to it and travelled to Queensland from Melbourne along with his own first year bricklaying apprentice Daniel Hocking (pictured below) to have the honour of completing the project.

    Mitchell, who has his own business, MJO Bricklaying, was delighted to offer to take Daniel on the trip “He is a great apprentice who can already lay 100 bricks a day yet he only started his apprenticeship in January this year.”

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  • Laying a Brick Thumbnail

    Bricklaying Remains on Skills Shortage List

    The shortage of skilled bricklayers in Australia has been confirmed by the recent decision of the Federal Department of Education and Training to have bricklaying remain on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) for the 2016-2017 year.

    The annual review of the SOL takes into account the labour market prospects of skilled migrants along with domestic training and labour market outcomes.

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  • Tony Bishop Thumbnail

    ABBTF and MCA Road Shows in Nth Qld

    ABBTF and Masonry Contractors Australia (MCA) are about to hold Roadshows in North and Central Qld next week from Monday 30 May.

    These roadshows are to give the industry an insight into ABBTF and MCA. They will explain the services and benefits these Associations bring to the industry. Both ABBTF and MCA invite you to come along and join us to hear what could be very beneficial to your business.

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  • Ethan Hertslet Blog Group Shot Thumbnail

    Brickies Deal with Sorrow, Doing What They Do Best

    A terrible car accident on April 23, the ANZAC Day weekend, sadly killed a 17 year old apprentice bricklayer, Ethan Hertslet and two of his friends who were returning home after the long weekend away.

    Ethan lived in the regional town of Orange in NSW where the devastation of this loss left people heartbroken. He was an apprentice bricklayer employed by local bricklayer Gary Pollack and was a very popular young person at work and amongst his peers around Orange, Gilgandra, Brewarrina and elsewhere.

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  • Jordan Ganci Thumbnail

    First impressions really DO count …

    In a recent article in the UK Daily Mail on employers making decisions about job applicants, this headline reinforced a vital but often overlooked aspect of how to succeed. According to the article, interviewers on average, take just 385 seconds to decide if the candidate is right for the role!

    ABBTF finds, when evaluating Bricklaying Apprenticeship applications, in some cases it can be even quicker. Something as simple as a bad email address that might be rude or have an offensive connotation to it can have a candidate dismissed before their CV/Resume is even read, let alone being considered for attending an interview.

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  • Work Read Program HIT 2016 Thumbnail

    ABBTF Prepares Apprentice Prospects for a Work Trial

    If an aspiring apprentice asks you to give him a go in an effort to get an apprenticeship in bricklaying, give us a call. We’ll help prepare him or her by putting them through our one week Work Ready Program (WRP), which is held frequently.

    The Work Ready Program has had a great amount of positive feedback from contractors. We believe a young person completing this course will be better equipped to start up as a new apprentice.

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  • Lieutenant Gen Ken Gillespie thumbnail

    From Brickies Apprentice to Chief of the Defence Force

    Getting a foothold in the employment market is the first important step after schooling, whether you finish at secondary or tertiary level. And where you go beyond bricklaying is anyone’s guess – it’s all up to you. Take the stories behind some famous and greatly admired people for example, who either got their start in Bricklaying or used the trade to help ground and to gain a useful trade to fall back on, while they took a risk and shot to stardom.

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  • ABBTF & BAB Logos Thumbnail

    The Team that Supports and Understands

    The team at ABBTF prides itself on being able to connect, understand and empathise with the bricklaying trade and its apprentices. For the office staff, the role is far more than just registering and processing subsidy claims.

    Over time, valuable relationships have been built between staff and bricklayers and apprentices. More and more bricklayers and apprentices are calling the ABBTF team for advice and support which is readily given.

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  • Trade Support Loan Thumbnail without Year

    New Trade Support Loans repayment rules when apprentice moves overseas

    New rules for the repayment of Trade Support Loan (TSL) debt, as offered by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training to all apprentices, are now in force.

    Until now, bricklaying and other apprentices who took out a loan and moved overseas did not have to repay their debt as long as they remained offshore. Key changes now make it fairer for all.

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