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Take on a bricklaying apprenticeship and discover a hands-on satisfaction like no other.

Australian apprenticeships are not all the same and bricklaying is no exception. If you enjoy being outdoors, like working with your hands and love seeing the end results of your work – becoming a qualified bricklayer could be just for you.

Just like other Australian apprenticeships, you’ll earn good apprentice wages while working towards your trade certificate qualification. After that, the sky’s the limit! You can become your own boss, hire other bricklayers as part of your own bricklaying gang – and even progress further, with a successful career in the building and construction industry.

That’s just a glimpse of the possibilities available to you. For more information on Australian apprenticeships in bricklaying, or about becoming a qualified bricklayer, explore our website.

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Blog Articles

  • Andrew Brown Troy Ashlin & Brenton Devries Island Block TAS Aug 16 Thumbnail

    Island Block now has the Island State Covered

    Great to hear this week that Tasmanian owned Island Block & Paving has expanded its operations to open a southern Tasmanian branch at Glenorchy, near Hobart.

    Island Block is one of Australia’s leading independent manufacturers of concrete masonry products covering a vast range of brick building and landscaping masonry, all manufactured at Breadalbane in Northern Tasmania.

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  • Ian Stoneman Thumbnail 2016

    Younger Bricklaying Workforce

    The bricklaying workforce is increasing and getting younger, as shown on the Graph here. The previous Census in 2011 showed that bricklayers up to the age of 30 had grown by 1,904 or 27.7% in the past five years and 2,871 or 48.7% in the past 10 years.

    This is good new for the industry as a growing number of skilled tradesmen are needed to respond to the current high level of building and construction activity on the Eastern Seaboard.

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  • Brendan Coyle & Arop Arup Thumbnail 2016

    NSW Bricklaying Industry Helps Middle Eastern Refugees Start a New Life in Australia

    Key players in the bricklaying industry in NSW have recently joined forces to provide bricklayer apprenticeship training for Middle-Eastern refugees to help them start a new life in Sydney. The program is a united effort from ABBTF the bricklaying apprenticeships peak body, together with Australia’s largest brick maker Austral Bricks and Settlement Services International (SSI), a not-for-profit humanitarian organisation helping refugees resettle in Australia.

    The focus of the project is ABBTF’s introductory training course in bricklaying, known as the Work Ready Program (WRP) which in this case was held at Granville TAFE in the heart of western Sydney. Importantly, by helping prospective apprentices to be ‘work-ready’ before they start the Apprenticeship, it is also helping to introduce candidates who are a good fit for bricklaying.

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  • Boden Hay & Mirian Vrabelj Spadaccini Homes Thumbnail

    ABBTF Calls on WA Builder Support for Out-of-Trade and Cancelled Bricklaying Apprentices

    Anyone that has been in the WA building industry for 10 years or more will tell you that we are currently experiencing one of the toughest downturns in residential building activity ever. At the forefront of this change is the demand for bricklayers.

    Bricklayers are accustomed to change and they are generally resilient in the face of fluctuating market cycles. However, given we’ve recently come off an extended period of unprecedented building growth leading up to June 2015, staffing levels and contracts have since reduced significantly.

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  • AUD Notes Thumbnail

    Boost to Qld Bricklaying Apprenticeships as Payroll Tax Rebate Doubled

    The Qld State Government recently announced that it is doubling an incentive for Queensland businesses to employ apprentices and trainees as part of a drive to create more jobs.

    Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the Government’s scheme offering a 25% payroll tax rebate for employing apprentices or trainees would be doubled to 50%.

    For this financial year any employer in the State with apprentices or trainees on staff will be able to claim a 50% rebate.

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  • Worksafe Logo Thumbnail

    Beware of the Wind

    The past few weeks have seen severe weather patterns of very strong winds across the country, which can be a real danger to bricklayers and other workers on building sites.

    There have been reports of brick walls collapsing on building sites and it is timely to remind the trade that falling brick walls can result in serious injuries or fatalities!

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  • Onsite Training Image Thumbnail

    Which Bricklayer Training Matters Most?

    There is regular debate on the value of bricklayer training conducted on the job site versus that conducted off-site, at a TAFE/RTO training centre. The answer is that both are very valuable – ABBTF’s view is that a blended model combining on and offsite experience gives the best results and the contributions are very different in nature.

    You might be surprised to know that some Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) deliver up to 100% of bricklayer training on-site. But to be successful, it relies heavily on the contractor having both the skills and time to train the apprentice in circumstances where the commercial pressures of getting enough bricks laid often impacts on the quality of training.

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  • Thai Female Bricklayer Aust Embassy Thumbnail

    Female Thai Bricklayers Excel in Aussie Embassy Build

    Female bricklayers are playing a major role in the construction of the Australian Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand where Aussie WorldSkills Australia success story Matt Cheso and two other South Australians are leading the build.

    Bouygues Th-VSL Australia, the contractor for the project currently employs over 600 construction workers, with almost half the workforce being women. Rather than simply being involved in lighter tasks, women are firmly embedded in the construction process, from steel fixing, scaffold assembly, concreting and form working.

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  • Whoopi thumbnail

    “I am where I am because I believe in all possibilities”

    I read this recently in the UK Independent and I can’t resist passing on to bricklayers and apprentices some pointers on this very fine actor who was also, once, a bricklayer. As Rebecca Tyrrel of the Independent tells it, “Who would have known Whoopi Goldberg was once a bricklayer ? “Well, Whoopi explains it: “I needed the money and I needed to work. So I figured I would rather lay bricks than lay men for money.”

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