Apprentices – Bricklaying, Your Future Freedom!

Bricklaying – Your Future Freedom!

Take on a bricklaying apprenticeship and discover a hands-on satisfaction like no other.

Australian apprenticeships are not all the same and bricklaying is no exception. If you enjoy being outdoors, like working with your hands and love seeing the end results of your work – becoming a qualified bricklayer could be just for you.

Just like other Australian apprenticeships, you’ll earn good apprentice wages while working towards your trade certificate qualification. After that, the sky’s the limit! You can become your own boss, hire other bricklayers as part of your own bricklaying gang – and even progress further, with a successful career in the building and construction industry.

That’s just a glimpse of the possibilities available to you. For more information on Australian apprenticeships in bricklaying, or about becoming a qualified bricklayer, explore our website.

For state specific information on bricklaying apprenticeships use the blue State Apprenticeships menu located at the top of the page.

Blog Articles

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    Trade Support Loans for Apprentices

    The Federal Government has replaced the Tools for Your Trade Payments with the “Trade Support Loan” from 1st July 2014 for eligible apprentices doing a Cert III or Cert IV qualification on the National Skills Occupations Shortage List.

    Trade Support Loans provide up to $20,000 to assist them with the costs of living and learning while undertaking an apprenticeship. A 20% discount is applied on the amount borrowed when the apprentice successfully completes their apprenticeship. Apprentices are required to repay the loans through the tax system when their repayment income meets the repayment threshold.

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    260 New Bricklaying Apprentices in WA in Two Years!

    In times of significant growth in residential building activity, as in Perth recently, keeping up supply of the trades, especially bricklaying is challenging. The demand for bricklayers has been very high and as a result so is the need for additional bricklaying apprentices.

    As shown in the statistics, ABBTF has delivered on the challenge: As of June this year, commencements of new bricklaying apprenticeships have increased by 54%, compared to June 2013 (367 vs 239). Compared to June 2012, which was a very difficult year for our trade and industry, 2014 apprenticeship starts actually increased by a whopping 243% (367 vs 107). That’s an additional 260 new pairs of hands on tools and bricks in the last 2 years!

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    ABBTF Parents Know How Good a Trade it is!

    If ever there was a testament to how good the bricklaying trade is, in terms of opening doors and building a career – this is it! Currently three ABBTF team members have encouraged their sons’ interest in starting an apprenticeship in bricklaying. It’s no mean feat from a small organisation like ABBTF to produce three new apprentices from its own families – they’re certainly doing their bit to improve apprentice numbers but most importantly they want opportunities for their children that will see them advance in a skilled area while also enjoying life and they can see clearly that bricklaying is a sound choice.

    The three new apprentices in the last 12 months are Charlie, son of Brian Munns, ABBTF Qld Field Rep, Mitchell, son of David Gill, former ABBTF NSW Manager (now Bricklayer Training Aust [BTA] General Manager) and Daniel, son of Sue Johnsen, Personal Assistant to ABBTF CEO in Victoria.

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    Mind-blowing Russian Reds

    I would like to share with you some of the most aesthetically profound brick constructions in the world. My recent trip to Europe, Russia and Ukraine has reinforced by belief that Red Square in Moscow houses some of the best brick constructions in the world. One of my favourites in Red Square is the Russian historical museum, pictured above.

    Built by architect Vladimir Sherwood (whose father was an English Engineer), the museum is constructed of red brick and is a prime example of Russian Revivalism. It was completed in 1894 after a 20 year construction period, and its walls (some of them 1.4 metres thick) contain nearly all facets of bricklaying including this precision and architectural construction.

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    Converts from Carpentry see Bricklaying as Clever Choice

    A number of young bricklaying apprentices started out thinking they wanted to be carpenters.

    We are hearing that views about carpentry and bricklaying are changing when people learn more about what’s involved in each trade. Increasingly, we’re seeing young people choose bricklaying over carpentry, due to opportunities, work effort and financial issues.

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    ABBTF Short Courses Produce Quality Apprentice Starters

    ABBTF WA is receiving good feedback on the quality of apprentices coming from the one week short course in bricklaying.

    Paul Gannon from the HIA was full of praise for the ABBTF short course. Paul said, “The only bricklaying apprentices that I have put on have come from the short course not the pre-apps and the quality of the kids has been really good, which is probably down to the selection process of you guys at ABBTF”. A number of other employers have also said how good the course has been.

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  • Dr Kim Haynes

    WA Minister gets ‘Hands On’ at ABBTF Try-a-Trade

    ABBTF WA currently has 80 bricklaying apprenticeship vacancies to fill and is looking for quality young people to start an apprenticeship now. So it was good to see plenty of political interest in bricklaying at the recent WorldSkills Australia and Careers Expo in Perth as we aim to get our message out far and wide.

    We captured WA Minister for Education Dr Kim Haynes, MLA when he tried his hand at bricklaying at the ABBTF Try-a-Trade stand at the Perth Convention Centre. The Minister was ably assisted by Andrew Riddiough, an apprentice with APG (part of the ABN Group) who assisted on the stand.

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    Minister for Mud Gives Thumbs Up to the Perth Brew

    He’s a Queenslander, a Gympie bricklayer, an amazing employer of many determined apprentices and a fantastic hand. Thanks Andrew Hosking! Affectionately known as the “Minister for Mud”, Andrew Hosking recently gave up a week of his own busy workload to head to Perth and lend a hand with the National WorldSkills Bricklaying competition.

    Mixing mud and making 27 to 30 batches a day to keep up with 14 keen bricklaying competitors was a competition in itself! Andrew’s energy and enthusiasm at our most important national event was appreciated by organisers and competitors alike.

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    ‘Salt of the Earth’ Support from Bricklaying Industry at WorldSkills WA Made for a Great National Event

    The Bricklaying WorldSkills Perth 2014 competition has come and gone in the blink of an eye! It was a wonderful exposé for Perth, WorldSkills and the greater bricklaying training industry in Western Australia.

    Many people from other states and industries during the event, commented on just how organised and successful this particularly competition was. Truth be known it was due to the collective effort of a few good men and women from industry, WorldSkills and Government which made it come together to support the 14 regional competitors.

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