Apprentice Incentives
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Becoming an apprentice bricklayer could pay off in more ways than one.

Currently the State and Federal governments have various apprentice incentives in place to encourage people to take up apprenticeships.  For example, Federal Trade Loans and some States offer savings on Vehicle Registration. Also visit Wages Information.

Depending on your State these could range from contributions towards enrolment fees, State bonuses and wage top-ups.

Plus, ABBTF have divisions in each State which can provide additional support and incentives for bricklaying apprentices. This may include travel for them to and from their place of training (e.g. Tafe) and mature age support. For some people, even various Centrelink benefits may be available.

For more information about how you can take advantage of apprentice incentives in your locality, click on an applicable tab on the State Apprenticeships menu above.

Or click one of the links below…


…and find out more about apprentice incentives in your area.

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