About Bricklaying

Are you in school, university or simply considering an apprenticeship and not sure whether bricklaying is right for you? Bricklaying is a skill, lifestyle and career that younger Australians of both genders are increasingly finding an attractive choice. Work in the sunshine, be your own boss, start your own company, work in any part of the world – these are just some of the reasons young Australians choose to start their apprenticeship in bricklaying.

Bricklaying is a career path that knows no bounds. Witness some of the success stories that began with bricklaying. Bricklaying is more than just a career for now; it’s a skill that sets you up for a future in the building industry. See some of the building industry professionals talk about how learning bricklaying kickstarted their career as project managers, builders and more.

In a career as a bricklayer, you learn more than just laying brick and applying cement. Bricklayers gain knowledge in estimating, measuring, planning and team management – all valuable skills that serve them later in their building career. With an ageing workforce, the industry demands more new bricklayers. This means more opportunities, more money and more assistance from the industry and government to help you kickstart your career.

Become a Bricklayer is an industry initiative designed to provide assistance to prospective bricklaying apprentices. We can help you try bricklaying, start training, find apprenticeships and more. View the resources below to see whether bricklaying is right for you, what outcomes are on offer and how to kickstart your career as a bricklaying apprentice.

  • Beautiful Brick and Blockwork

    On show & for the world to see.

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  • Success Stories

    Former apprentices, now big successes in their own right.

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  • What Makes a Good Bricklayer?

    Is becoming a bricklayer is the right job for you?

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  • What a Bricklayer does

    There’s more to being a bricklayer than meets the eye

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