Beautiful Brick and Blockwork


Beautiful Brickwork… Built with Bare Hands

Today, the work of talented bricklayers can be found everywhere.

Beautiful brick and block work has existed throughout the ages and will continue to do so. You can see it, you can feel it – and if you build it, you can take pride in it! We are constantly surrounded by it – whether at home, at work, indoors or out walking on the street. It’s no wonder it’s often made with practicality that’s pleasing on the eye.

On show and for the world to see, beautiful brick and block work can be admired by all.

Click here to view some of the beautiful examples of brick and block work in existence today.

Magnificent bricklaying masterpieces still serve their communities after hundreds of years

Visit bricklayer and author Peter Cartright’s paper “Classic Bricklaying Around the World”. It explores magnificent brick structures which have stood for hundreds of years.

“As a practising bricklayer and world traveller I consider myself fortunate to have visited so many beautiful brick constructions throughout the world.

I marvel at the sheer effort and the forgotten technology in some of these magnificent bricklaying masterpieces, much of which goes so unnoticed…”


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