Bricklaying and WorldSkills Australia
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Encouraging and Recognising High Standards in Bricklaying

All trades encourage and recognise the highest standards of excellence achieved by Apprentices.  Bricklaying does so in a variety of ways through Awards like WorldSkills Australia, but there are also Awards presented by TAFE’s and other RTO’s and the construction industry.  Promoting high standards of workmanship and pride in Bricklaying is fundamental to maintaining a strong reputation for brick construction as a visually attractive, high quality and sustainable first choice in building materials.

What is WorldSkills Australia?

WorldSkills Australia is the pre-eminent competition for Apprentice Bricklayers to measure skill levels achieved during the apprenticeship.  It is national, embracing all trades and co-ordinating competitions at a Regional, National and International level.

Bricklaying has specific Regions designated for all parts of Australia, in which an apprentice bricklayer can nominate to compete locally and if successful in a Regional WorldSkills Australia event, will represent his Region in the National competition.  The National WorldSkills Australia bricklaying winner is then considered to compete for Australia as a WorldSkills Skillaroo along with other national trades’ representatives.  WorldSkills Australia supports the expenses of competitors traveling interstate and overseas to compete.  For details on the actual competition projects that form the basis of testing, review our Blogs, searching WorldSkills.  Ask your State Office for more information.

The event runs on a two year cycle:  Regional competitions occur one year, potentially throughout a State, for the selection of a regional representative to go forward to the National event in the following year.  The International occurs in the same year as new Regional competitions are judged.

icon-play-128Click Here to see Australian International Bronze Medal Winner, Bricklaying 2017, Trystan Sammut, discussing his hopes for Abu Dhabi in the leadup to the event.

ABBTF and WorldSkills Training – Leadership and Scholarship

Apprentice Bricklayers are given every opportunity to compete in WorldSkills Australia competitions.  We are very fortunate to have an expert bricklayer trainer Troy Everett in our trade.  He enthusiastically supports and helps organise participation in competitions at every level, from Regional to Skillaroo and along the way has established a strong reputation as an international advisor.

Untitled-2ABBTF works with the competitors, local TAFE’s and RTO’s to provide support for all competitors.

In addition, to best prepare our International contender, ABBTF has developed the “World Class Bricklaying Scholarship” which is aimed at optimising the opportunity for the young bricklayer to compete at International level.  The Scholarship is available to provide support which could include training time and coaching, support to compete at lead-up competitions, mentoring, personal and professional development, engaging a sport psychologist, tools and equipment, etc.

WorldSkills International Honour Roll

The WorldSkills Honour Roll of Australian apprentice bricklayers participating at International WorldSkills:


Year Event Location International Bricklaying Representative
2017 Abu Dhabi Trystan Sammut – Bronze Medallion
2015 Sao Paulo, Brazil Sam Spong – Bronze Medallion
2013 Leipzig, Germany Alan Ramsden
2011 London, UK Lester Tibbles – Bronze Medallion
2009 Calgary, Canada Nigel Croke – Bronze Medallion
2007 Shizuoka, Japan Tim Hambly
2005 Helsinki, Finland Romano Ginesi
2003 St Gallen, Switzerland Zac Boyd
2001 Seoul, South Koria Job Harkness
1999 Montreal, Canada Colin Brown
1997 St Gallen, Switzerland Craig Henderson
1995 Leon, France Paul Start
1993 Taipei, Chinese Taipei Michael Jeffs
1991 Amsterdam, Netherlands Wayne Pierce
1989 Birmingham, UK Greg Densley – Gold Medallion
1987 Sydney, Australia Steven Perryman – Gold Medallion
1985 Osaka, Japan Glen Brasen – Gold Medallion*

*The first ever Gold Medallion awarded to Australia in any category of the competition.

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History of Bricklaying and Worldskills Australia

In 1946 two Spaniards had a vision.  Jose Antonio Elola Olaso and Francisco Albert-Vidal dreamed of an international craft skills competition, a professional-quality championship with participants from all over the world.  The first Spanish championships for apprentices were a roaring success in 1947.

In 1950, neighboring Portugal was invited to join in, and since 1953 more and more countries have taken up the challenge.  Morocco, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland entered teams for the International Vocational Training Contest.

Since 1999 the event has been know as WorldSkills.  Initially held annually, it has been held every other year since 1973.  Australia joined in 1983 but did not send a bricklayer Skillaroo until the following event in 1985 when Australian bricklayer Glen Brasen won Australia’s first Gold Medallion in an international trade skills event.  Today, 61 countries and regions take part in this mega event.



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