Career Suitability

Who does bricklaying suit?

A good brain, a creative mind, a love of outdoors, problem solving and practical skills are important.  In addition, the enjoyment of physical work and a competency with hand eye co-ordination tasks, such as exists in good sports people, are all valuable attributes.

Bricklaying may suit a young person keen to start working but who is yet to identify a clear idea of their direction – in as little as 3 years in most States, this apprenticeship provides  a launching pad to other construction careers for those who want to advance.

Another group of students for whom this apprenticeship is appropriate are those not settling well into the academic demands of school.  Such students often progress more successfully through kinetic learning in the practical on and off the job environment, steadily  progressing to the responsibilities of adulthood and work life.

For the energetic, restless sports loving person, bricklaying provides the freedom to start the working day early and finish early, stay fit outdoors on the job and to travel widely knowing they are qualified to work interstate or anywhere in the world.

Young, strong-minded women can also become successful bricklayers, just as they are also progressing in other traditionally male dominated trades such as motor mechanics and carpentry.  Here at the website are examples of female success stories such as Stacey Rimene now a General Manager in a building company and Gemma Blakemore, a financially successful bricklayer, who appears in the Top 10 Reasons DVD.

Visit the list of personal qualities said to make ‘a good bricklayer’.

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