Australian Apprenticeships

Australian apprenticeships and jobs for apprentices can be wide and varied – but which one is for you?

There’s a lot to choose from and really and it all depends on what you’re looking for and where’d you’d like to be, once the apprenticeship is complete.

One way of doing this is to determine the kind of person you are and then find an apprenticeship that would be most suited, to ‘who you are’.

Here are a few quick questions you can ask yourself to see what kind of apprenticeship may best suit you.

Are you…

… a hands-on sort of person?

Would you…

… describe yourself as a physical, outdoor type?

Can you…

… be a team player – but don’t mind a bit of independence too?

Do you…

… take pride in your work – and get great satisfaction in being able to see the end result?

If you answered YES to some – or all of these questions then… maybe you should consider an Australian apprenticeship in bricklaying.


Australian Apprenticeships in Bricklaying

Currently there is a HUGE demand for bricklaying apprentices which means there are plenty of apprenticeships and jobs available around Australia, for apprentices in the bricklaying industry.

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…to find out more about becoming a bricklayer – and discover the great benefits of a bricklaying apprenticeship.


Other Australian Apprenticeships

Maybe you’re undecided and interested in checking out other trade apprenticeships on offer before making your decision. For an overview of Australian apprenticeships and to see how they compare with an apprenticeship and career in bricklaying, click on one of the following links:


Australian Apprenticeship Wages

Of all the Australian apprenticeships, or jobs for apprentices, bricklaying apprenticeships tend to be the most overlooked. Why?

Well (besides the fact you don’t see many ‘pretty-boy’ brickies on tellie!) people don’t realise brickies have it just as good – if not better, than many of the other Australian apprenticeships on offer.

Apprentice wages in the bricklaying industry are on par with other trade industry apprenticeships – such as carpentry apprenticeships, electrical apprenticeships, plumbing apprenticeships and mechanic apprenticeships.

And when you weigh up the odds, you’ll see earning apprenticeship wages with other trades won’t necessarily offer you a job at the end of the day. That’s because these ‘apprentice-competitive’ industries may not always have enough work for all the apprentices in their industry coming through.

However, with the bricklaying industry, demand easily outweighs supply – which means you’re chance of being employed is going to be high – PLUS you’ll have the ‘independent freedom’ to pick and choose who you work for – and which bricklaying jobs you do. Pretty good odds to have in your favour!

Learn why an Australian apprenticeship in bricklaying brings an ‘independent satisfaction’ – all of its own…

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Bricklayers and Apprentices … Wage Info

Award Wages for bricklayers and apprentice bricklayers are covered by the Building and Construction General on-site Award 2010.  Modern Award Code MA000020 can be viewed at Fair Work Ombudsman.


Australian Apprenticeships – with a difference

Best of all, a bricklaying apprenticeship (and career) is fairly unique in that you are actually measured on the ‘visible effort’ you’ve put in.

How often do you look at an awesomely built building or house and say “Gee that’s some mighty fine wiring” or ‘nice pipes’ or “check out that great plank work”. (Well okay so maybe that’s taking the mickey a little bit, but you get the picture). When people see a great structure and comment on it; it’s what’s visible to them, that they notice the most. And what they are admiring the most, is usually the work of a talented bricklayer.

…Now not many other trades can boast that. Trade professions like carpentry, electrical, or plumbing – on the majority of occasions, tend to have their work ‘hidden on the inside’ of a project and for the most part, unseen to the average person.

But as a bricklayer, your work is ‘hands-on’ and generally on display for the world to see – which means you and anyone else, can witness and admire the incredible work you’ve done!

Get ‘hands-on’ with a bricklaying apprenticeship…

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Australian Apprenticeships – Jobs & Careers

Make something BIG of yourself.

Most people also don’t realise a bricklaying apprenticeship can lead to a growing career path with great financial rewards and satisfaction. Construction is a BIG industry in Australia, and a lot of the big players, have come from a bricklaying background. Starting on apprentice wages, they have now moved on to become big bosses of large building and construction companies – and are now earning BIG dollars too. Follow the link for some bricklaying apprenticeship success stories.

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Australian Apprenticeships – with ABBTF

The Australian Brick & Blocklaying Training Foundation (ABBTF) is a not-for-profit organisation – and the only trade apprenticeship body of its kind, which provides personalised guidance and support to its industry apprentices. PLUS it gives additional financial support to industry employers who take on new bricklayer apprentices. This support is over and above any other government based incentives on offer. Now that’s commitment like no other in the trade professions industry.

If you’d like layer upon layer of support with your Australian apprenticeship…

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ABBTF are proud to develop and support Australian apprenticeships, jobs for apprentices and apprentice wages in the brick and block industry.


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