Best Sources of Information

Australian Apprenticeships – Best Sources of Information

You’ll find the Become a Bricklayer website is filled with useful information on bricklaying apprenticeships and Australian apprenticeships in general.

In addition to this site, the following sources can also prove helpful…

  • Other Bricklayers
  • Bricklaying Training Organisations (RTOs)
  • Parents
  • Internet
  • Australian Apprenticeship Centres
  • Group Training Organisations

…Other Bricklayers

Go straight to the source! Who better to ask then those already working in the industry and who know the trade best? A bricklayer can speak from firsthand experience about what life’s like working in the brick and block industry.

…Bricklaying Training Organisations (RTOs)

Registered Training Organisations like Tafe colleges can provide you with relevant information on apprenticeships and suitable bricklaying courses on offer.

Different states around Australia have different apprenticeship course requirements, so make sure your enquiries are directed at the state you’re seeking to do an apprenticeship in. (For state specific information, click the relevant tab on the State menu)


Mum, Dad (or both) can be a great source of input when it comes to helping you find the right apprenticeship career choice for you. Why? Because they probably know you… better than you think! Plus they are able to recognise the value of the solid career path that bricklaying offers.(And they’ve been around a lot longer too – life experience counts).


It’s no secret the internet is a wealth of information on an endless variety of topics. Bricklaying apprenticeships being amongst them! Just be sure to always cross check your information with other sources (on and offline) to confirm the validity of what you find.

For accurate and up to date information on bricklaying apprenticeships in Australia, contact ABBTF

…Australian Apprenticeship Centres

Located in over 300 sites across Australia, these government contracted centres provide general information and assistance on all aspects of Australian Apprenticeships. Visit the Australian Apprenticeships website.

…Group Training Organisations

Located throughout Australia Group Training Organisations can help potential apprentices to find apprenticeships and also assist host employers, by making it as simple as possible to employ an apprentice.



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