Bricklaying Apprenticeship Hotspots
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Bricklaying Apprenticeship Vacancies
Apprenticeships are available in most States and a call to your State ABBTF Office, below, will help identify those available in your area.  Vacancies are also periodically advertised online and will be linked from here, when active.

Vacancies are currently available in:

QLD:  Bricklaying & Blocklaying Apprenticeships, Vacancies available in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast 
Brick & Blocklaying Apprenticeships – South West & M5 Corridor
Brick & Blocklaying Apprenticeships – Parramatta & Western Suburbs
VIC:   Brick & Blocklaying Apprenticeships – Melbourne, view on Vacancies also in Geelong and Ballarat – search for our advert on

Michael Taylor
0409 934 331

South Australia
Ian Stoneman
03 9556 3033

New South Wales
Brendan Coyle
02 9524 0036

Brendan Coyle
02 9524 0036

Tony Bishop
07 3205 1783

Ian Stoneman
03 9556 3033

Western Australia
Dean Pearson
08 6254 2963

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Job Description

During the Bricklaying Apprenticeship, you will learn how to lay clay bricks, concrete blocks and other types of masonry building blocks in mortar to construct internal and external walls, repair walls and build foundations, partitions, arches and other structures.  Bricklayers mainly work outdoors and in teams.

 Bricklayers may perform the following tasks:

  • Work from plans and specifications
  • Seal foundations with damp-resistant materials
  • Build in door and window frames
  • Spread layers of mortar to serve as a base and binder for bricks, remove excess mortar and check vertical and horizontal alignment
  • Use various tools and brick-cutting machines to cut and shape bricks
  • Construct arches and ornamental brickwork
  • Repair and maintain clay bricks, cement blocks/bricks and related structures
  • Erect scaffolding.

To succeed in a Bricklaying Apprenticeship you should enjoy practical work, have good hand-eye coordination, be good at technical activities, be able to follow plans and be able to cope with the physical demands of the job.

Earn good wages while you study offsite and learn from qualified tradesmen onsite;  attractive subsidies and supports exist.

An Apprenticeship in Bricklaying can lead to many other careers in the construction industry.


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