Finding an Employer

The first step to securing an apprenticeship is to find a bricklaying contractor or builder who needs an apprentice. Employers take on apprentices because it makes good business sense.

By teaching and providing a managed learning environment they are most likely to develop a capable and productive team. Therefore, a student who is keen to pursue an apprenticeship should proactively seek out possible bricklaying businesses.

Reviewing ideas on what makes a great boss will help you come up with useful questions to ask your prospective employer.

ABBTF will assist in locating an Employer and also helps Employers locate prospective apprentices in their area. Employers undertake, as part of their responsibility, to ensure appropriate on the job skills training over the duration of the Apprenticeship and they are appropriately incentivised by Governments and the industry to ensure a viable apprenticeship and a productive return to the employer.

The TAFE or registered training organisation associated with the apprentice’s training maintains a relationship with the employer to monitor the progress of the apprentice over the duration of the training.

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