Australian Capital Territory
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Apprenticeship Canberra | Apprenticeships ACT

By doing an ACT / Canberra apprenticeship in bricklaying, you’re opening up a great future for yourself.

While you earn your trade certificate qualification you’ll also earn a great income – which only keeps getting better.  You’ll get the chance to spend your days in the open air and get fit while you work.  You’ll create something that you can later look back on and admire.   Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside good craftsmen and good mates – and have the flexibility to change where and how you work.

With so much going for it, it’s hard to believe there’s actually a shortage of skilled bricklayers.  On the flipside, there’s no shortage of bricklaying apprenticeships in Canberra or the ACT – so your future… is yours for the taking!

For more information on doing a Canberra apprenticeship and completing a bricklaying apprenticeship in the Australian Capital Territory, feel free to explore this section further.


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