2011 was a good year: 2000+ Bricklaying Apprentices in Training

Looking back on last year, 2011 has been a very successful year in terms of the number of Apprenticeships currently in place in bricklaying and blocklaying.

ABBTF continued its strong support for apprentice training and employment with more than 2,000 apprentices across the country attracting subsidies for their employers and gaining training and skills for their future freedom.

ABBTF is committed to continue the program to ensure the brick and block laying workforce has the skills to install clay bricks and concrete masonry to the highest standard.

From industry feedback, we know the support makes a difference and is often one of the reasons why apprentices are signed on and retained until the completion of their training.

The downturn in building and construction has made it tough for many contractors to secure future work and maintain their apprentices.  However, bricklayers who have fared better are those who have put the training into their apprentice to make them a productive member of their gang.

It’s not hard to see evidence of great examples of young apprentices gaining skills, growing in their role and showing the maturity and initiative to be fine examples of confident bricklayers for the industry.  Just look at examples in the State ‘Aussie Bricklaying Newsletter’ and other success stories at this website.  I’d love to hear your industry success story, or any feedback in comments to my blog.

We look forward to many more young people making their way in the building and construction industry through a Bricklaying Apprenticeship – with the support of their employers and ABBTF.

Geoff Noble
Head Office, ABBTF


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