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How Many Bricks a Day before I Pay My Way?

I wrote a blog earlier this month (November 4) on what makes a Great Boss in Bricklaying?” and I mentioned the importance of an Apprentice getting trowel experience early in his Apprenticeship. The point I was making was that he needs to start to ‘pay his way’ in terms of bricks laid each day.

As a result of reading this blog a second year Apprentice asked me to how many bricks it takes to cover his employer’s costs.


WA’s Double Clay Brick Tradition is a Powerful Foundation

It’s often said in the bricklaying industry that an apprenticeship in bricklaying provides a ‘powerful foundation’ for further developing a career in building and construction in Australia. This was never as true as in Western Australia with our tradition of using double clay brick.

The bricklayer here has the responsibility of ensuring that the building is strong enough to support the whole structure – which is critically important for all trades that follow working at the site.


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