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Bricklaying Honour Roll International WorldSkills Competition

In 1946 two Spaniards had a vision. José Antonio Elola Olaso and Francisco Albert-Vidal dreamed of an international craft skills competition, a professional-quality championship with participants from all over the world. The first Spanish championships for apprentices were a roaring success in 1947.

In 1950, neighbouring Portugal was invited to join in, and since 1953 more and more countries have taken up the challenge. Morocco, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland entered teams for the International Vocational Training Contest.


Representing Queensland

Joshua Yoemans. Region: Brisbane

I’m 22 and have now completed my apprenticeship with John Schlect at Flowcrete Constructions. My home town is Bribie Island and my training was with Sunshine Coast TAFE.

I’m committed to achieving my best and representing my State well at the finals, but am feeling a bit nervous about it. Lex Valentine, my bricklayer coach and trainer, mentioned the Regional WorldSkills competition to me at a class and thought I should try out. Lex is someone I look to for guidance in bricklaying – he is willing to spend the time to focus on the points that are my weaknesses and help me become a better bricklayer. However, my hero is definitely my Dad. He is there throughout everything in my life. He’s not only respected as my father but also loved as a mate when in need


Representing Western Australia

Rhyse Moroney Region: Perth South

I recently completed my apprenticeship, am 21 and live in Shark Bay WA. I work for Chris Tuddenham, Tuddenham Bricklaying and trained at Durack Institute of Technology, WA.

I am excited about the National Competition. I have a great support network that is helping me prepare as much as possible, practicing all the different skills that may be required. I entered the competition as my TAFE lecturer said I had the potential to win at WorldSkills and asked if I would like the chance to participate. Realising what a great opportunity it was I jumped at the chance.


Representing New South Wales

Ryan Jager Region: Hunter

I’m 19 years old and in my third year of my apprenticeship. I live in Wadalba NSW and am employed by Alan Holman. The TAFE I attend is at Newcastle. In preparation for the National competition I am working with the TAFE teachers who are giving me extra training, to improve my technique. I’m not too worried – trying to treat it like another day!

I came to bricklaying through having just left school and starting looking for work, I found a job labouring for Alan Holman. Fortunately, a few months later I was put on as an apprentice. What I enjoy most about bricklaying is being outside in the sun – when it’s sunny that is!


Representing Australian Capital Territory

Jamie Gianchou

I am 21, live in Canberra and completed my bricklaying apprenticeship in 2011. I was apprenticed in my father’s business, Chris Gianchou of Harcourt Bricklaying and undertook my offsite training with Master Builders Group Training.

I have known about the WorldSkills competition from the beginning of my apprenticeship and have been determined to be a part of it. I love the challenge and excitement it brings to bricklaying. Not to mention the chance to represent Australia and travel the world. This is really making me practice and study harder.


Representing South Australia

Matthew Cheso Region: Adelaide

I am in the third year of my apprenticeship and am 21. I live in Wellington, SA and work for Matt Bissell, in his business Adelaide Hills Bricklaying. Daniel Richards was my employer for my first 2.5 years of my apprenticeship but due to a shortage of work, I transferred employers. I won the SA State WorldSkills title while I was still with Daniel Richards Bricklaying. The TAFE I attend is Gilles Plains.

I am excited but at the same time a little nervous about the Nationals. To prepare, I’ll be practising different bricklaying techniques at my TAFE and just working everyday laying bricks helps too. I entered the Regional competition because my TAFE lecturer asked me if I would be interested. I thought I would give it a go and I’m glad I did!


Representing Tasmania

Matthew Barratt

I finished my apprenticeship a couple of years ago. I am 22 years old. I live in Hobart and attended TAFE Tasmania, Clarence Campus, Warrane. I work in our family business Allbrick Bricklaying, for my father, Colin Barratt. The business is large, with 35 employees. I have four brothers, three of whom, with me, are bricklayers with Allbrick and one is an apprentice carpenter. We tell him he wasn’t good enough to be a bricklayer!

I’m very excited about reaching the National WorldSkills. There’s a strong tradition in our business to participate at WorldSkills and this year at the Regionals seven of the eight competitors were from Allbrick. We believe it’s good for our business reputation to compete and do well. I’m preparing my training at my old TAFE, getting insights from the Project we were given, and I’m practicing onsite every day, helped by heaps of encouragement and training from workmates. My brother Ben won the Silver Medal at the Nationals in 2010, so I’m very keen to do well for the business and myself.


Representing Victoria

Darren Connor Region: Ballarat/Wimmera

I am 19 and have completed my apprenticeship here in Ballarat where I live. I’m employed by Kurt Anderson of Statewide Bricklaying and I did my TAFE training at the University of Ballarat.

I got involved in the Regional competition because my trade school teachers nominated me as an outstanding student to the local WorldSkills Committee. I was then offered a position in the competition and I saw it as a good way to test my skills and gauge where I was against the other blokes from my class.


A Warm Beanie for Cool Heads in Bricklaying

With the very cold weather we’ve all been experiencing lately, employers and apprentices will appreciate the warm ABBTF beanies being distributed in each state as part of ABBTF’s Subsidy Support program.

As well as being very functional, the branded Beanie works to keep the role of ABBTF in the minds of the industry.


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