Monthly Archives: September 2012

ABBTF Support Apprentices in an Easing Market

ABBTF has released the Operating Results for the year to 30 June 2012. The year was highlighted by the 1,923 apprentices who were supported by Brickstart subsidies paid to their employers. ABBTF also added a Brickstart bonus during the year to encourage apprentice sign-ups and improve retention in a difficult market. Revenue was down due to the […]


The Main Event

A mighty battle was fought for the National WorldSkills title with the victorious Gold Medal winner Todd Richards from Mackay Qld, never having once laid pressed clay bricks used for the National competition. North of Rockhampton, about 90% of brick building is in concrete blocks and the remainder is the extruded clay brick, rather than the […]


Standing Room Only at the Gun Trowel

The eye catching supporting event of the finals was the ABBTF “Gun Trowel” speed competition. It drew a huge and rowdy crowd of spectators who jostled for a spot five deep around the perimeter of the competition area. CSR/PGH Queensland Manager Trent Cosh provided a colourful commentary and introduction of competitors, entertaining us while the […]


Where are the Women?

Recently it came to my attention that there are only four female apprentice bricklayers currently in training in Australia. Four!  Nationwide!  Wow. Whilst I knew the numbers would be low I was shocked to hear that it was that low.  Admittedly, there are also another six female bricklayers who have completed their training in recent […]


Gun Trowel Speed Bricklaying Draws Crowd at WorldSkills

Part of the lead in to the National WorldSkills Bricklaying championship in Sydney on the weekend was the twenty minute “Gun Trowel” speed competition. All entrants to the bricklaying WorldSkills competition participated in the event. And what an event it was!   Standing room only, spectators were five deep around the perimeter of the competition area and […]


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