Monthly Archives: November 2012

Katie “Found her Freedom” to the tune of $1000 in prizes

A very happy Year 10 student, Katie Rae of Toowoomba recently received a whopping  $1000 Gift Voucher for JB Hi-Fi as the national winner of the ‘Become a Bricklayer – Find Your Freedom’ competition conducted during the trades Careers Expo season across the nation this calendar year.  She was thrilled to win the prize money […]


Incentives were never better for employers seeking apprentices

With the end of the school year and many students making final decisions to either stay on at school or leave to take on a trade, it’s heartening to know that the incentives for employers to apprentice you were never better. Whether you’re considering starting a full time bricklaying apprenticeship now or taking an alternative path to […]


‘I surf big waves in my dreams, not in real life.’

Regular visitors to Become-a-Bricklayer will be aware that our website uses an image of a massive surfing wave as its branding device. This is because surfing, for many people symbolises the idea of a lifestyle that involves freedom and excitement and the reality is that bricklaying as a career, makes such a lifestyle possible.  The […]


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