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Strong Supply of Qualified Bricklayers in NSW Apprenticeship Ranks

A recent snapshot of new blood entering the NSW bricklaying market with Apprenticeship qualifications reconfirms that NSW continues to provide a strong and talented workforce for the State’s building and construction industry.


Clay Levels in Sand – How Much is OK?

Ever been called back to a job by a client where your work has been acid cleaned but there are still residual mortar stains and smears?  Ever had the client suggest that they acid clean the work again? Well tell them not to – what they probably have are clay smears, not cement. Cement is […]


New Breed of Bricklayers

The release of the 2011 Australian Census figures shows that a greater number of younger people are making up the bricklaying work force.


ATO Changes Affecting Building & Construction

Bricklayers should be aware of their tax obligations when preparing this year’s tax return for the year ending June 30, 2013.


Australia’s Alan Ramsden Prepares for World Stage

The International WorldSkills Competition is only one month away in Leipzig Germany and apprentices competing from around the world are busily making final adjustments and fine-tuning techniques so they will be ready when it counts.


Surveyed Bricklayers Stress Need for Quality Apprentices

ABBTF recently conducted a survey of bricklaying contractors across Australia to uncover in greater detail the challenges faced by employers of bricklaying apprentices.

More than 550 responses were received from contractors comprising those who had apprentice experience and a group who chose not to employ an apprentice.


A Decade of Addressing the Skill Shortage in Bricklaying

In June 2003 the brick and block manufacturers in Victoria implemented a plan to address the skill shortage in bricklaying. The strategy was seen as a success and was then rolled out nationally during 2006 and 2007 with the creation of the Australian Brick & Blocklaying Training Foundation Ltd.


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