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Revised HIA Housing Start Forecast Reinforces Need for More Quality Bricklayers in WA

HIA economics group have revised their housing forecast (May 2014) which indicates higher levels of current and future residential construction activity than previously anticipated, with 2014 set to achieve almost 27,000 housing starts in WA!

Current building activity is expected to remain at elevated levels relative to recent history with WA driving the national new home recovery particularly in the area of commencements.


Geometry, Physics and Commercial Nous – Ingredients for a Bricklayer

It’s fair to say that many bricklayers get a bum rap from people who don’t understand the skills and knowledge that go into being a first rate bricklayer. For generations, bricklayers have variously been accused of being without the skill level required of other trades. If you’ve spent some time on a building site you have probably heard someone say “Don’t ask me I’m just the dumb brickie?” which is the way some bricklayers side-step an argument. As we all know, it takes a long time and much repetition, to undo this kind of self-deprecation.


Pre-Trade Course Paves the Way for Ryan Hague

Ryan Hague is a young man from Maryborough who recently completed the three week Pre-Trade bricklaying course at Salisbury’s Construction Training Centre. The short course was run by ABBTF’s Queensland team with the aim of giving potential apprentices some hands-on training in basic bricklaying prior to being placed with employers.


Think Richest Design Awards 2014. Think Brick and Block.

Think Brick Australia is currently taking submissions for the 2014 Think Brick Awards, the richest design awards in Australia with over $70,000 pool of prizes.

This year the awards are even bigger and better and will reward architects for building excellence across five categories; recognising innovation within the clay brick, concrete masonry and roof tile industry.


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