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Skilled Migration to Add Quality Bricklayers to Australian Workforce

The recent Australian Government decision to reinstate bricklaying onto the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) from July 1, 2014 will enable international skilled bricklayers to apply for permanent visas to reside and work in Australia.

The decision recognises the growing skill shortage in bricklaying brought on by the increased level of construction activity, particularly in housing and the ongoing ageing of the bricklayer workforce.


Bricklayer shortage causes reinstatement of bricklayer on migration preference list.

Despite the continuing strong effort of the ABBTF to encourage bricklayers to take on apprentices and the ‘become a bricklayer’ promotions the industry still struggles to see sufficient young people attracted to the trade. Old attitudes still persist about the status of bricklaying despite the skills training, good rewards and mentoring available that provides for some very successful and respected tradespeople entering construction through bricklaying.


Troy Builds Bricklaying Skills in Russia

A few months ago I was invited to attend the Russian National WorldSkills competition so that I could assist with the competition and share ideas about teaching bricklaying and organising WorldSkills competitions. Russia only joined WorldSkills two years ago but have come a long way in this time and they are keen to continue improving. They are actually preparing a strong bid for Kazan to host the 2019 international WorldSkills competition.

The set-up of the competition was very professional and modelled on last year’s International event which was held in Leipzig Germany. It was Russia’s first international competition in Bricklaying.


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