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R&K Fuchshofer Bricklaying takes home the 2015 Horbury Hunt Residential Award for ‘Hello House’ for Bricklaying

I’m delighted to report that the winner of the prestigious Think Brick 2015, Horbury Hunt Residential Award went to the team of
• OOF! Architecture,
• Anthony Adams, Project Builder (of Complete Builder’s Insight) and
• Robert Fuchshofer, Bricklaying Contractor of R&K Fuchshofer Bricklaying Services.

The Award was for brickwork for the two bedroom Victorian-era home “Hello House”. Three of the four other finalists in the Residential Award were from Victoria and one was from NSW.


Bricklaying shows teamwork as WA rolls out Regional Comp and Skills West Expo

Months of preparation and planning ensured that once again Bricklaying was centre stage amongst the trades at the recent Regional WorldSkills and Skills West Expo, with 16 apprentices competing in the bricklaying competition and a further 5 bricklaying students competing in the new VETis category. With a total of 21 competitors it is by far the biggest group we have collectively catered for.

Showcasing our young men and women, the future leaders and champions of the industry is what it’s about.


How to Build the Impossible

How to Build the Impossible”, that was the theme for Austral’s Melbourne Design Studio event last Tuesday 13th August. We were there to learn more about how the Dr Chau Chak Wing (UTS) Building at the University of Technology, Sydney, was constructed.

Cathy Inglis, Austral Brick Group Technical Research & Engineering Manager gave an in depth understanding of this amazing building from its conception to its completion in November 2014.


Australian Sam Spong wins Bricklaying Bronze at WorldSkills against world’s best

Sam Spong has won a Bronze medal at the WorldSkills International 2015 competition in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The medal was a great result and a reward for Sam’s dedication and hard work in preparing for the event this past year. Sam scored 524 points out of a possible 600, only seven points behind the winner from Italy and two points off Silver.

The competition was very even and hard fought with the 27 competitors challenged by the complexities of the three separate project designs, some of which were changed or replaced prior to the start of the event.


Winter Heroes

Take a moment to congratulate yourselves – over the past few months brickies have been working through one of the coldest winters in recent years, across the country but especially down south.

Bricklayers, like most tradies, are looking forward to spring when they will truly enjoy the pleasure of working outdoors.

The upside is that bricklayers are busy and doing better than a few years ago. The demand for bricklayers is strong and the trade is stepping up to the challenge in all types of weather.


One Good Thing You Did Today …

Training and managing a bricklaying apprentice on the job every day is not easy. The relationship between the employer and the apprentice is built through shared experiences involving trust and commitment.

A bricklayer gave me a tip recently on how to get the best out of the apprentice and build a good relationship.


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