2016 Sth West-WA Champ earns Gold again in Regional Competition

WA Regional WorldSkills Results

For the second time in succession Nikolas Foster, Apprentice Bricklayer with ABN Training, has won the Gold Medal at his Regional WorldSkills Australia Competition, in South West WA.   SW-WA’s event was the second round of Regional WA comps, with the other two WA Regions completed last month.

Congratulations go to Nik for a very good result and to the other medallists Luke Carr of GTSW obtaining Silver and Bronze going to Sam Schaler also of ABN Training.

Importantly, congratulations go to Archie McGougan, Conor Murphy and Brandon Jansen for competing in the event.  They all did their employers and lecturers proud and will benefit from the experience of participating!   Young Conor Murphy has not attended TAFE yet, given that he has only just started his apprenticeship, so it was a remarkable effort to come forward and give it a crack!  As I’ve mentioned before, participating early in your apprenticeship, gives you the chance to come back for a second time as Nik did, taking part for the first time as a second year bricklaying apprentice as a 20 year old, winning his Regional and having the experience of preparing for the National with other WA winners and travelling interstate and competing in the National event.

Nik Foster Gold Medal Winner WA Regional WorldSkills AustraliaMany thanks to all of our helpers and Judges Eddie Campbell (NMTAFE), Loris Moriconi ABN Training), Alan Ramsden (former Australian Champion), Mark Clare (ABN Training), Rob Christenson (HIA Training) and of course Mark Baker (SRWTAFE) who hosted the event.

This week is the international WorldSkills event at Abu Dhabi and Australian Bricklaying is again represented, with our national apprenticeship winner Trystan Sammut, giving his all to get Australia on the podium again.  Follow and encourage Trystan in the event on social media.

Dean Pearson
ABBTF WA Manager

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