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Need Funding Support to Grow your Bricklaying Business?

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Ask any tradesperson what the worst aspect of their job is and chances are its paperwork and not knowing how to use a computer.

The Industry Skills Fund is a Commonwealth Government initiative that assists business to invest in training and support services and to develop innovative training solutions. It is designed to assist companies that have identified a business growth and/or diversification opportunity, but need to upskill staff to achieve it.


Female Bricklayers Prove to be Inspirational

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A recent decision to provide an added financial incentive for bricklaying employers to take on female apprentices has focused our minds on some of the great women currently in our trade. As a result, we’ve collected and published just a few examples that reflect the wide diversity of experience and career development existing in the current crop of women in Bricklaying.

It will surprise many readers of our Blog that there are many very successful women in the trade. Some have come through family connections, for sure, but many others have recognised an opportunity to pursue a career in construction that keeps them out of doors, committed to fitness and wellbeing, working with their hands and they cleverly recognise that it’s a trade that opens doors to much advancement.


Tony Bishop wraps Judging of MCAA Masonry Skills Challenge in US

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Tony Bishop, ABBTF’s State Manager in Qld, is again on home soil after lending his skill and support to the judging of the US Masonry industry’s equivalent of our WorldSkills Australia national bricklaying competition, the MCAA Skills Challenge.

Being a much larger country, it makes sense that their national bricklaying competition is for first, second and third year skill levels compared to our overall Regional winners of all Apprenticeship levels.


The Art of Gaining a Bricklaying Apprenticeship

The following is advice you may wish to consider when making contact with a bricklayer for the first time, for the purpose of getting a bricklaying apprenticeship or re-engaging to an existing one.

Bricklayers are generally paid on the basis of their productivity and as such have a low tolerance for time wasters or people that do not answer or return calls or turn up late for appointments.

They also set high expectations for employees based on their own work ethic.


54% Growth in Dwelling Starts Demands More Brick-Block Apprentices

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The Queensland construction market has been buoyed by the growth in the residential market for the past four years. HIA figures show residential dwelling starts increasing from 28,610 in 2012 to a forecast 43,980 in 2015, up 54% over 3 years. Much of this growth has been in South East Qld.

Some believe 2015 was the busiest construction year since 2007 and forecast predictions are that 2016 will prove to be just as strong as 2015, holding this level for the following year.

While Brisbane has been the focus of construction lately, it is predicted that stronger growth will be seen in regional and northern locations in 2016.


Think Twice Before Accepting the University Offer

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Many young people have been sweating on getting an offer of a University place this year. Those with an ATAR score that meets the standard course requirements are to be congratulated on their achievement.

Other young people with an ATAR score well below the standard should think twice before accepting an offer.

A recent report has revealed that many Universities are offering places to students with ATAR scores far below the course requirement in order to fill places and boost numbers.


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