3.3% Minimum Wage Rise Effective July 2017
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The Fair Work Commission has released its annual review of the Minimum National Wage with a flow-on to the pay rate for apprentices, effective from the first pay period in July 2017.  The increase is 3.3% across the board for all Year levels of apprentice bricklayer and represents a lift in weekly rates by $22.20 on the minimum wage. This translates to a rise from $17.70 to $18.29 an hour or $694.90 a week at that level.

Little Brick StudioThis pay rate increase for bricklaying apprentices should be an incentive for employers to take time out to review the training package you provide, to ensure that the apprentice(s) is receiving training that will help deliver a quality bricklaying team as fast as possible and for the future.  High skill levels and a high productivity rate go a long way towards ensuring a profitable business.

It’s important that the apprentice spends time on the trowel in the first year to learn and improve the hand skills of laying bricks and blocks as well as learning labouring skills such as mixing a batch of mortar and loading up the job.

It takes a couple of weeks for Fair Work to release the full details but ABBTF will release a newsletter to employers and to apprentices carrying full details of the change, as soon as they are available.  Both websites, ABBTF and Become-a-Bricklayer will carry the same updated information as soon as possible.

Ian Stoneman

2 Responses to “3.3% Minimum Wage Rise Effective July 2017”

  1. Jamie

    You guys are kidding your self right? I as a boss take home what I was on, working for some one else! Except now I have paperwork coming out of my arse, I have to train my apprentice and I have to own, store and maintain a ton of tools and machinery, whilst I have to consistently lay high amount of bricks per day. Why don’t you look into putting price of bricks up in order to keep good trades ppl in the industry? I won’t be putting apprentices on ever again the way you lot are going! Too hard a job for minimal reward as an employer = getting out of trade! Simple

    • BAB

      Thanks for your comment. There is wide recognition that the current Minimum Award wage is not adequate and as a result the Fair Work Commission has made the judgement that a 3.3% rise in the Minimum Wage will go some way to improving the position of 2.3 million workers who are reliant on the national minimum wage and modern award minimum wages (including the lesser apprentice training wage). I am sure you realise it is the decision of the Fair Work Commission not the Australian Brick and Blocklaying Training Foundation (ABBTF).
      The decision as to whether you employ an Apprentice must be based on affordability, of course and on a judgement you make about investing in the future of the business. ABBTF strongly believes that investing in an Apprentice is essential to maintain the quality of workmanship in the team over time and therefore your ability to run a profitable business.
      I’d encourage you to make sure you’re accessing all the incentives and support attached to employing an Apprentice, starting with a review of subsidies at abbtf.com.au, calling your State ABBTF office and contacting your local Apprenticeship Network Provider.
      Ian Stoneman, CEO.


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