8 Fired-up Tuggerah Lakes Students made a Top Bricklaying Trial

Tuggerah Lakes Berkeley Vale Students Top Bricklaying TrialLast month I had a very inspiring experience.  Over three days a group of eight enthusiastic and bright secondary students listened well to my bricklaying training and they applied themselves to a point where by Day 2 they were powering through the task and working like a well-oiled team.

I’d travelled to the north of Sydney, to the Central Coast to run a NSW Work Ready Program (WRP) for a group of Year 9 and 10 boys.  The destination was the Berkeley Vale Campus of Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College which is dedicated to Year 7-10 students.

Tuggerah Lakes Berkeley Vale Students Top Bricklaying TrialEveryone – teachers, staff, students, our ABBTF office – took an important role in bringing together what I would call nothing short of a great team effort by all. It is very encouraging to see the response from the students and the future prospects of some of them taking up Bricklaying looks pretty bright.  Bricklaying apprenticeships are available either starting VET at school or a full time apprenticeship.

School settings are the best way for students in Years 9 and 10 in NSW and ACT to have a taste of Bricklaying, which we call a WRP.  The ABBTF NSW and ACT office does not offer this hands-on experience at Career Expos, in other States known as a Try-a-Trade, (TAT).   The NSW office also runs the longer and more detailed format of the Work Ready Program at TAFE’s where again the duration is 3 days.

Other States offer the short introductory schools program in Bricklaying, the TAT which typically runs for a day or less.  Details for all States are available by calling 1300 30 44 77.

NSW Field Officer, ABBTF

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