A Bricklaying Apprentice – I Didn’t See This Coming!

Charlie MunnsWhen my son Charlie left school in December 2013 to become an apprentice landscaper I gave him my full support. Charlie had worked onsite with me occasionally when I was bricklaying, during school holidays to earn a little cash. He always remarked though, that he didn’t want to follow in my footsteps as a bricklayer. “I’m going to be a carpenter or landscaper where I can build with timber and use power tools” he said. Learn About Bricklaying

Only a couple of months into his apprenticeship Charlie and a few other employees were told by their employer that he didn’t have sufficient work and would have to let them go.

Unable to find another landscaper willing to recommence the apprenticeship Charlie was looking for other options to pursue. Being the ‘caring’ father that I am, I told him to get off his backside and do something else until another opportunity presented.

A local bricklayer I had spoken to who had recently taken on a new apprentice was looking for a hand as work was picking up. So I quickly volunteered Charlie as he was experienced in labouring for bricklayers. A couple of months passed and all I was hearing at the dinner table was talk about bricklaying and the ins and outs of daily life on the jobsite. To my amazement it seems like he was enjoying the trade that he’d earlier told me he would never enter!

I was really pleased when his employer, John Hobson called to tell me Charlie had been laying bricks with the other apprentice very productively and that he’d consider signing Charlie up if he was keen. After relating this conversation to my son, a big grin appeared on his face followed by a big Yeah! John Hobson has a terrific reputation for training apprentices; he’s young himself and enthusiastic, and his apprentices respond well to his demand for high quality work. He’s trained several apprentices and his business is growing due to the standard of his team’s work, so this is an excellent place for Charlie to earn his trade certificate qualification.

On a day Charlie had off recently, I took him along to a pre-trade program to see how his skills were developing – see the shot above. What do you think?

If you’d like information: give me a call if you’re an employer looking for an apprentice or if you’re considering entering the trade and check out this website and the employers website – ABBTF.


Brian Munns
ABBTF Qld Field Representative

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