A Career to Think About


Many young people completing the school year are thinking about their options for 2013.  A number are hoping their results enable them to start University in 2013; many others are looking to get into the workforce and get paid to learn a trade.

A career to think about is in the building and construction industry and there is no better way to start than with an apprenticeship in bricklaying.  A qualification in brick and blocklaying opens doors to many career choices such as starting your own business as a bricklaying contractor, a self employed builder and becoming a project manager or a construction manager.  These are all rewarding and worthwhile goals in life that young people should think about.

The more immediate  benefits of becoming a bricklayer through an apprenticeship are working outdoors, the satisfaction of saying “I built that”, being part of a team, gaining a qualification and having the freedom to travel the country or the world where there is always work for a skilled bricklayer.  At the website here, we show you just some of the ways bricklaying will provide a rewarding career as well as give you the freedom you want to enjoy life.

Young people should also be aware that with the Government’s Kickstart Initiative from December 2012 to February 2013, many good bricklayers will be looking to start an apprentice over these summer months.

Something to think about!

Geoff Noble,
General Manager, ABBTF

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