A pre-apprenticeship bricklaying course is an opportunity to ‘try before you buy’
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Tom working on Bullseye 2If you’ve lost interest in school or just can’t seem to achieve for some reason and are considering leaving school, you might want to consider pre-apprenticeship training. It’s a way to try out the trades for a time, before you make a full commitment to an apprenticeship.

Yes it comes at a cost, but with the incentives that are often provided, depending on your age, the State Government benefits and the organisation offering the pre-apprenticeship, it is good value.

You’ll get the benefit of a range of skilled learning, usually four or five days a week, get some trade experience, perhaps ‘on the trowel’ in a bricklaying team, and all up receive very good value for your investment of the three to four months or so on the course.

No matter where you’re located there are pre-apprentice courses offered,  ABBTF can help you identify where yours are.

Employers generally like to take on apprentices who have done a pre-apprenticeship course because they come with some basic skills and with eyes more open to the trade.  You get exposure to builders, bricklayers and group training organisations so you’re better placed to find the right employer for you and to know many more than if you hadn’t done this pre-entry training.

Some of the subjects are transferrable to other pre-entry trade courses too, in case you decide to try another before taking on an apprenticeship.

One pre-apprenticeship course just starting in WA is exclusively for Bricklaying (whereas often they cover a number of trades in one course).  It starts August 6 at Polytechnic West’s Thornlie campus and runs for 18 weeks and includes three weeks work experience on the job.

It costs $825 if you’re under 17 or have a Health Card, and on completion there’s a $250 cash scholarship awarded from the CTF plus there’s a $250 tool voucher ABBTF, if you go on to start your apprenticeship.

Full details are available from Polytechnic West and there’s a Downloadable Word Doc Here for applicants to return.

Call or email Paul Wharmby or Stan Bowie on 9267 7661.


Dean Pearson
WA State Mananger

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