ABBTF Announces $2,000 Incentive for Employers of Female Apprentice Bricklayers
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Tory Lea 2015 wth captionOn the back of past and present trade shortages around the country, the make up of our skilled bricklayer trade base continues to change.

The barriers that once existed for females entering the trade are well and truly gone, as we see more and more not only entering the trade, but also excelling in this previously male dominated industry.

To encourage and assist the employment of Female Apprentice Bricklayers (FAB), ABBTF announces the provision of a $2,000 incentive for employers.

This incentive will be provided on the successful completion of the first year of their apprenticeship and applies to all new Female Apprentice Bricklayers employed from 1 July 2015.

In recent years we have seen many young Female Apprentices excel in their apprenticeship, as well as in competitions such as WorldSkills Australia.  Some have also gone on to win prestigious industry awards.  View Tori Lea’s Video.

There are also examples of where Female Bricklayers who have gone on to become Supervisors, Lecturers, Business Operators and more.

One young Female Apprentice, who has recently been recognised by her peers, is Tori Lea, ABN Group 2nd Year bricklaying apprentice in Western Australia.

Tori dispels the misconceptions that women cannot cope with the labour intensive environment of the trade.  She is fit, strong, smart and extremely determined to succeed.  Her work ethic is outstanding and attention to detail is second to none.

More young women like Tori should be identified and encouraged to engage in a Bricklaying Apprenticeship to help us overcome current and future trade shortages around the country.

If you know of a young woman wanting to try bricklaying, encourage her to visit the Become-a-Bricklayer website and contact ABBTF with a view to engage her in a pre-entry program.

For further details on FAB for employers of Female Apprentice Bricklayers, please see below:

  • $2,000 payable to the employer
  • Apprenticeship successfully completed 1st Year
  • Pro-rata payments do not apply
  • FAB incentive is in addition to current ABBTF Brickstart subsidy and support from Government and industry funds
  • Employers need to register within three months of commencement except those starting in the past six months


Dean Pearson
ABBTF WA Manager

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