ABBTF Parents Know How Good a Trade it is!

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If ever there was a testament to how good the bricklaying trade is, in terms of opening doors and building a career – this is it! Currently three ABBTF team members have encouraged their sons’ interest in starting an apprenticeship in bricklaying. It’s no mean feat from a small organisation like ABBTF to produce three new apprentices from its own families – they’re certainly doing their bit to improve apprentice numbers but most importantly they want opportunities for their children that will see them advance in a skilled area while also enjoying life and they can see clearly that bricklaying is a sound choice.

The three new apprentices in the last 12 months are Charlie, son of Brian Munns, ABBTF Qld Field Rep, Mitchell, son of David Gill, former ABBTF NSW Manager (now Bricklayer Training Aust [BTA] General Manager) and Daniel, son of Sue Johnsen, Personal Assistant to ABBTF CEO in Victoria.

It’s a win-win: The first-hand experience with their own sons also gives ABBTF, through Brian, David and Sue a great insight and understanding into the expectations and challenges facing new apprentices starting out in the trade. A major part of the recruiting work of ABBTF staff is dealing with young people, their parents, bricklayers and employers. More about the role of ABBTF in reducing the skills shortage.

All three offspring of the ABBTF team are doing well in their new career. They know they have the full support of their parents who are well qualified to give advice on what to expect and what is expected of their sons to be a success. Perhaps we should set up a parent-to-parent hotline for prospective parents of young apprentices to talk to ABBTF parents?

Having a son as an apprentice bricklayer is not a condition of employment at ABBTF, but it certainly helps!

Geoff Noble

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