ABBTF Prepares Apprentice Prospects for a Work Trial

Dble Images Work Ready Program Holmeglen wth Caption April 2016

If an aspiring apprentice asks you to give him a go in an effort to get an apprenticeship in bricklaying, give us a call. We’ll help prepare him or her by putting them through our one week Work Ready Program (WRP), which is held frequently.

They will learn how to:

  • Use a mixer
  • Make batches
  • What the tools are
  • Have a go at basic bricklaying
  • Site safety (not white card in Victoria), and
  • Basic employability and communication skills.

Then we will return them to you for the real trial to start. Interested?

We can save you a lot of time dealing with the initial uncertainties involved with taking on a new apprentice.

The ABBTF program does not deliver any competencies against the Bricklayer Training package, but provides an excellent insight into the attitude, work ethic and suitability of the young person.

The Work Ready Program has had a great amount of positive feedback from contractors. We believe a young person completing this course will be better equipped to start up as a new apprentice. For some other States examples of the success of ABBTF Work Ready Programs, check these out: WA, Qld, NSW

Call Michael or Jacqui in Victoria: 03 9556 3000 or 1300 66 44 96. In other States call 1300 66 44 96 or email

ABBTF Victorian Manager


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  1. James Okeny

    i have done my pre apprenticeship last year in rockingham tafe, so now am looking for apprenticeship

    • BAB

      Hi James, Give us a call on 1300 66 44 96 to discuss this further.


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