ABBTF Short Courses Produce Quality Apprentice Starters

Grp Shot Short Course with captionABBTF WA is receiving good feedback on the quality of apprentices coming from the one week short course in bricklaying.

Paul Gannon from the HIA was full of praise for the ABBTF short course. Paul said, “The only bricklaying apprentices that I have put on have come from the short course not the pre-apps and the quality of the kids has been really good, which is probably down to the selection process of you guys at ABBTF”. A number of other employers have also said how good the course has been.

The course includes three days preparation including White Card and two days of work experience. Participants are pre-screened through an interview process from those who have expressed an interest in the trade as a response to ABBTF advertising. The course costs the participants approx. $100 with all other costs covered by ABBTF. ABBTF’s Ian Fitzgerald and Kristine North are involved in the recruiting and selection process. The course aims at attracting school students and those already in employment.

At this time of high demand for apprentices, the course is having better and more immediate outcomes than the 15 week pre-app courses and the school based pre-app training during Years 11 and 12.

Dean Pearson, ABBTF WA Manager agreed, “The real strength of the programs is the people that we have involved in terms of interviewing, mentoring and pairing. This includes ABBTF, the participating RTO’s and Employer groups such as the HIA”.


Dean Pearson
ABBTF WA Manager

4 Responses to “ABBTF Short Courses Produce Quality Apprentice Starters”

  1. Edgardo Andres

    Hi my name is Edgardo, I would like to enquire about the short bricklaying course. I’ am currently working as a welder/ sheet metal fabricator but very keen on trying a different career path to gain extra skill. I have over 12 years of welding experience and 7 years of sheet metal work. Bricklaying is something that i can see myself doing in the future as well. Thank you

    • BAB

      Hi Edgardo,
      Please call 1300 66 44 96, this will get you to your local state office to enquire about the short courses.

  2. Dean

    Hey, is this only for younger kids? I’m 32 and looking for a career change, working with my hands again.

    • BAB

      Hi Dean,
      Please give us a call on 1300 66 44 96 to discuss options for a mature age apprenticeship.
      Cheers, BAB


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