ABBTF Subsidies Depend on TAFE/RTO Sign Off
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Have you ever been delayed in receiving your apprentice subsidies?  This could be the reason.  ABBTF Brickstart Subsidy entitlements rely heavily on TAFE’s and other RTO’s confirming that the apprentice is making satisfactory progress with their training.  Our claim forms require authorised trainers to sign off on competencies before subsidy claims are paid.

Payments can be delayed or refused if trainers are not satisfied with the rate of learning or apprentices are not free to attend off site training by their employer.

As an employing bricklayer you can make sure the subsidy claims are paid by spending time training the apprentice on the job and giving him time on the trowel during the first year.  Many TAFE trainers can easily work out how much time is spent training on the job, by the skill level shown by the apprentice.  Assessments can be on site or off site and are an important process in determining whether the apprentice is competent or not.

TAFE trainers around the country have welcomed the process of signing off ABBTF subsidy claim forms.  It has improved attendance at off site centres and lifted the quality of training.  ABBTF currently has more than 1,500 apprentices supported by subsidies who are receiving quality training partly due to this validation process.

Be aware also, that registration for ABBTF Brickstart subsidies must be made no later than three months after the apprentice has commenced.  Further information is available from ABBTF, your Apprenticeship Centre or TAFE.

Geoff Noble

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