ABBTF Sun Smart Alert to Bricklayers
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Sunscreen image SD V4With a forecast for an extremely hot and long summer, I’d like to remind bricklayers and apprentices of the need to cover up and use sunscreen while on the job, to protect you from skin cancer.

Already we have experienced unseasonal very high temperatures during the month of November.

I encourage all bricklayers to wear a hat, available from your ABBTF State Office if you wish, and to apply the new ABBTF 30+ sunscreen to avoid damage from the sun’s rays.

Michael Taylor small wth CaptionABBTF hi-vis tops, also rated at UPF30+ also offer very good protection with 96-98% of UV radiation blocked.

The ABBTF sun screen lotion is in production now and will be available soon from our offices and field staff around the states.

Of course, there are a number of common sense on site work practices which should be second nature to your team now, given the wide publicity this topic is given.  The most applicable to our trade of course are:

  • work in the shade where possible
  • start early in the day
  • keep your tools in the shade
  • keep the mortar mix moist
  • keep up the water hydration

SunSmart AppAnd remember to re-apply sunscreen every two hours.  Skin cancer is avoidable.  If you get it and ignore it, it is life threatening; if you get it and identify it, it’ll consume time you don’t have, with doctor’s visits, operations and future management.  Much easier to wear the sun screen and a hat!

For further information visit SunSmart and you can now download their free SunSmart app on your phone or tablet.


Geoff Noble

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