ABBTF Support Apprentices in an Easing Market

geoff_noble_time-is-moneyABBTF has released the Operating Results for the year to 30 June 2012The year was highlighted by the 1,923 apprentices who were supported by Brickstart subsidies paid to their employers.

ABBTF also added a Brickstart bonus during the year to encourage apprentice sign-ups and improve retention in a difficult market.

Revenue was down due to the 25% reduction in the Training Levy on brick and block sales and matching contributions from manufacturers.

Lower building activity and brick sales also added to the revenue reduction.  This contribution from industry is a valuable investment to ensure there is a skilled bricklaying workforce in future years.

operating-results-landing-page-300There is now a greater awareness of ABBTF and its role in the building and construction industry amongst all audience groups but especially employers, apprentices and students, as a result of this website and the Aussie Bricklayer e-newsletters .

There is a growing database with schools and students who receive our online marketing and career path promotions.  ABBTF has also developed a stronger relationship with bricklayers and apprentices and improved their partnerships with training and employment bodies.

Financial results and operating highlights are listed here.

Geoff Noble,
General Manager, ABBTF

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