Actioning NSW Requests for Apprentices

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With the New Year well underway, it’s timely to remind contractors and builders in NSW that a key role of ABBTF is to help you find apprentices for your business.  While we’re always trying to improve the process, I’m pleased to say we’re having some excellent results in getting employers set up with new apprentices through our straightforward, practical contact and support program.  Here’s what we do.

When you contact us requesting an apprentice we first review your needs and specific requests.  We then advertise accordingly, on this Become-a-Bricklayer website (BAB) and on our NSW Crew at ABBTF Facebook page.  We request a resume from applicants and we stress the need to visit BAB to learn about the job and the personality best suited to bricklaying.  We’ve got a lot of information on these issues at the BAB website and a dedicated NSW section.  As part of promoting the vacancy and ensuring we pick up on all prospects, we also contact the local ‘Step Out’ Program (ran by ABBTF) which partners schools in the area and we canvas the local TAFE for any out-of-work apprentices in training.  The latter take priority in any job vacancy and are usually identified at TAFE or on Facebook.

The screening process is vital to ensure we offer you sound candidates from which to choose.  The interview process depends of course on whether the student or apprentice has prior training or any skill level.  The resume from new students will help tick-off suitability in terms of location and specific requests from the Contractor.  For example, whether they have a Drivers License or transport, a White Card, pre-training or are they mature age etc?

Interviews with shortlisted applicants are conducted in several ways but the following is typical:

  1. School meeting are held with the candidate, careers advisor and parents. This is the preferred method, providing strong support to the student.
  2. When a Contractor is keen to trial a number of students over a short period ABBTF provides contact details of the students direct to the Contractor.  A follow-up phone call to the Contractor takes place at the appropriate time to establish who are being trialled and the intended duration and a site visit is scheduled during the trial to answer questions from either party about the process and future placement.

Following the trial the Contractor notifies ABBTF as to the suitability of the candidate.  If progressing, ABBTF staff contact the Australian Apprenticeship Centre to initiate apprenticeship, Local Group Training Companies may be requested and the relevant NSW Field Officer will make contact either by phone or by visiting the site.

David Gill,
ABBTF, NSW Manager

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      Hi Paul, Call David our NSW Manager 0419 413 156 – he should be able to help you out. Or the office 1300 30 44 77.


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