Adelaide and Oz All Over – Careers Expos Get You Close to the Action
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SA_TryaTrade_May-13_D_Kelvin_medThere’s no beating the real life experience you can have in trying out a trade at a Careers Expo. It’s your best chance to talk to tradies, see the materials, the craft, the tools of the trade and get a feel for the skills involved. Bricklaying is one such trade that is well demonstrated at Careers Expos.

Recently, at the Adelaide Careers and Employment Expo, staff and students from the Certificate II in General Construction (Specialising in Bricklaying, Tiling & Plastering) at TAFESA Gilles Plains Campus held such a demonstration. It’s called Try a Trade and is designed to give interested students a chance to ‘have a go at it’, following a few instructions from the guys at TAFESA and a quick demo of course.

This activity is typical of a Careers Expo nationally and we can’t recommend it enough, so get along to an Expo near you for a hand’s on experience. Here’s a State Expo List on what’s coming up.

Trying-out-Bricklaying-at-TAFESA-medAbout 500 people did have a go at bricklaying, over the two days and hopefully it got them thinking about bricklaying as a start to a construction career. They went away with token gifts, reminders of their experience, donated by ABBTF. The bricklaying display and Try a Trade was also supported by members of the local industry: Austral Bricks, Bianco Construction Supplies, Adelaide Brighton Cement and Adbri Masonry. Around 5000 people visited this annual Expo which comprised about 12 trades on display.


Geoff Noble
General Manager, ABBTF

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