Adult Apprentices Make Good Business Sense

Adult Apprentice Photo Med V3 070214In recruiting young people to fill the many vacancies for apprenticeships in bricklaying, ABBTF finds some excellent candidates over the age of 21 years.

Many bricklayers look for younger apprentices as the adult pay rates appear to make an older person too costly.  In reality this is not the case.

The cost of an adult apprentice can be covered more easily than you think due to the many benefits to an employer.  I’ve tallied up 14 good reasons it makes good business sense to consider over 21’s for a bricklaying apprenticeship:

  1. Life skills gained from previous employment and life experiences
  2. Physically stronger individuals, better able to cope with the load and duration of a full days work
  3. Maturity makes them less susceptible to personal or emotional issues
  4. Stronger commitment to the job as it is chosen after better evaluation of other opportunities
  5. A younger person may see the job as a trial and not necessarily what he wants to do in the future
  6. Over 21 years, they’re more likely to have their own transport and current drivers licence
  7. Have been through their partying days and are more focused on the future
  8. Have a more stable and positive relationship with a partner which encourages maturity
  9. Need the job, they have bills to pay ie. rent, phone, mortgage, children
  10. Generally have fewer sick days and understand the need for punctuality and importance of completing the job
  11. Maturity means that an older apprentice may learn at a faster rate and therefore pay own way sooner
  12. You can leave them on the other side of the job knowing they will be working
  13. With competency based learning, an older apprentice may have less days needed for offsite training, and
  14. Apprentices starting over the age of 25 make the employer eligible for the Federal Government’s mature age support of $4,000 paid in one lump sum after the first year.


Geoff Noble

7 Responses to “Adult Apprentices Make Good Business Sense”

  1. BAB

    Hi Shannon, Call our office 1300 30 44 77 to discuss bricklaying apprenticeship opportunities in your area.

  2. Martin

    Hi I’m wondering is there anyway I can get a trade qualifacation while working in my normal job and doing the trade on part time basis.

    • BAB

      To gain trade qualifications in bricklaying there are two methods: (1) To be indentured as an apprentice by an employer, the qualification is gained through training both on and off the job, generally full-time over 3 to 4 years. (2) Qualifications can also be achieved by an assessment and recognition of prior learning for people who have most skills but need some gap training to be fully qualified. This could be part-time if you already have skills. A person with no existing skills cannot get a trade qualification on a part-time basis.

  3. Heinie

    To whom this may concern, my wife an I are planning to relocate to Australia from South Africa. I am a qualified Bricklayer 28 years of age with three years work experience. I am busy putting together an evidence portfolio to be assessed by VETASSESS. The plan is to go through the route of State Nomination. Is Australia currently in demand for Bricklayers? Any advice will be of great appreciation. Regards, Heinie

    • BAB

      Thank you for your enquiry Heinie. There are many vacancies for bricklayers and in particular demand is high in Western Australia. Other states including Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria are also experiencing demand to a lesser degree. There is little or no opportunity in South Australia and Tasmania at the current time. A serious bricklaying skill shortage is looming with the Housing Industry Association predicting increased housing starts in the next 5-10 years.


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