Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Launch
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The Federal Government is introducing the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network, an innovative new targeted services which will deliver tailored advice and support to Australian Apprentices and employers who need additional assistance prior to sign-up and in-training.

Dept of Education & Training logoEmployers will receive more efficient help in navigating the apprenticeships system while individuals will be better assisted to complete their training.  A selected group of experienced organisations has been appointed in the form of the new Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN).

ABBTF welcomes this week’s announcement and the decision which means AASN’s will have a positive impact on apprenticeships with improved processes and targeted support services.

The AASN support services will compliment the extensive work done by ABBTF in recruiting and supporting apprentices and their employers throughout the duration of the apprenticeship.  This new partnership follows on from the strong relationship ABBTF has had with Australian Apprenticeship Centres (AAC’s) over many years.

ABBTF expects that collaboration with AASN’s will improve retention and completion of bricklaying apprenticeships.  Eleven organisations make up the new Australian Apprenticeship Support Network with services being delivered through more than 280 network provider sites.  The full list of AASN providers is available HERE.

Strong coverage will also be achieved in rural and remote areas via outreach servicing arrangements in an additional 160 locations.

The change will take effect from 1 July 2015.

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