Australia’s Troy Everett, WorldSkills International Chief Expert – Bricklaying

Troy_Everett_600Troy addressing the International Experts and Judges at WorldSkills 2013 in Germany.

I was fortunate enough to witness the WorldSkills International Bricklaying Competition in Leipzig, Germany earlier this month.

Representing ABBTF, I was supporting Alan Ramsden, our Australian competitor from Perth WA.  I was very impressed by Alan’s performance in mixing it with the best apprentices in the world.


I was also very much impressed by our own Troy Everett who was WorldSkills International Chief Expert – Bricklaying.  This was Troy’s first time in the Chief Expert role and I must say he did an outstanding job in organising, motivating and managing the experts from each country as well as the volunteer helpers in the event.

Troy showed great leadership in his direction, support and team building.  He co-ordinated all involved, striving to have the highest standards in terms of fairness and transparency for all competitors.

Troy was pushing his team to continually examine and reassess all parts of the competition, format and process to ensure all bricklayers had the resources and safe environment to perform at their best.

Troy is passionate about bricklaying and the WorldSkills competition.  He is a great communicator; he has warmth and above all is very well respected by his team.  This was shown by the standing ovation he received from competition judges from all nations, at the conclusion of the competition and the unanimous decision to re-appoint Troy as Chief Judge for a further two years.

Troy and Alan made us proud to be Australian on such an exciting international stage.

And if there was a Gold Medal for International Chief Experts at WorldSkills, Troy would be a certainty!

Geoff Noble
General Manager – ABBTF

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