Beware of the Wind

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The past few weeks have seen severe weather patterns of very strong winds across the country, which can be a real danger to bricklayers and other workers on building sites.

There have been reports of brick walls collapsing on building sites and it is timely to remind the trade that falling brick walls can result in serious injuries or fatalities!


Which Bricklayer Training Matters Most?

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There is regular debate on the value of bricklayer training conducted on the job site versus that conducted off-site, at a TAFE/RTO training centre. The answer is that both are very valuable – ABBTF’s view is that a blended model combining on and offsite experience gives the best results and the contributions are very different in nature.

You might be surprised to know that some Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) deliver up to 100% of bricklayer training on-site. But to be successful, it relies heavily on the contractor having both the skills and time to train the apprentice in circumstances where the commercial pressures of getting enough bricks laid often impacts on the quality of training.


Female Thai Bricklayers Excel in Aussie Embassy Build

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Female bricklayers are playing a major role in the construction of the Australian Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand where Aussie WorldSkills Australia success story Matt Cheso and two other South Australians are leading the build.

Bouygues Th-VSL Australia, the contractor for the project currently employs over 600 construction workers, with almost half the workforce being women. Rather than simply being involved in lighter tasks, women are firmly embedded in the construction process, from steel fixing, scaffold assembly, concreting and form working.


“I am where I am because I believe in all possibilities”

Become a Bricklayer

I read this recently in the UK Independent and I can’t resist passing on to bricklayers and apprentices some pointers on this very fine actor who was also, once, a bricklayer. As Rebecca Tyrrel of the Independent tells it, “Who would have known Whoopi Goldberg was once a bricklayer ? “Well, Whoopi explains it: “I needed the money and I needed to work. So I figured I would rather lay bricks than lay men for money.”


Program shares Bricklaying with 190 Youth in recent weeks

Become a Bricklayer

At ABBTF we have found through experience that the most effective promotion of the bricklaying trade apprenticeship is to give a young person a trowel to try-out bricklaying for themselves. As a result, over recent weeks across the country there have been a large number of young people getting a taste of bricklaying.

For example, at Coffs Harbour TAFE in NSW, this week 27 secondary students are participating in a Step Out Program for one week. A Work Ready Program is starting at Granville TAFE on Monday with 15 school students and job seekers enrolled. The plan is to run a program each week in NSW to fill ongoing apprenticeship vacancies.


National Minimum Wage Increase Effective July 1, 2016

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The Fair Work Commission recently handed down the highly anticipated ruling to determine how much the existing minimum wage would increase for the next 12 months. The result is that the Fair Work Commission has announced a 2.4% increase in the minimum wage, which will flow on to bricklaying apprentices under the Modern Award, applicable for the first full pay period starting on or after 1 July, 2016.

Employers need do nothing at this point. It takes the Fair Work Commission 2 – 3 weeks to update the pay rates in each award.


Bricklaying Remains on Skills Shortage List

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The shortage of skilled bricklayers in Australia has been confirmed by the recent decision of the Federal Department of Education and Training to have bricklaying remain on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) for the 2016-2017 year.

The annual review of the SOL takes into account the labour market prospects of skilled migrants along with domestic training and labour market outcomes.


From Brickies Apprentice to Chief of the Defence Force

Become a Bricklayer

Getting a foothold in the employment market is the first important step after schooling, whether you finish at secondary or tertiary level. And where you go beyond bricklaying is anyone’s guess – it’s all up to you. Take the stories behind some famous and greatly admired people for example, who either got their start in Bricklaying or used the trade to help ground and to gain a useful trade to fall back on, while they took a risk and shot to stardom.


The Team that Supports and Understands

Become a Bricklayer

The team at ABBTF prides itself on being able to connect, understand and empathise with the bricklaying trade and its apprentices. For the office staff, the role is far more than just registering and processing subsidy claims.

Over time, valuable relationships have been built between staff and bricklayers and apprentices. More and more bricklayers and apprentices are calling the ABBTF team for advice and support which is readily given.


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