Please do not apply if you oversleep…

Sleeping on the job

We’re always keen to explain to young people who seem suited to a bricklaying apprenticeship, that there are certain basic commitments you need to make to your employer if you aspire to complete an apprenticeship. Mind you, they’re just the same basics that apply for all new job seekers, the world over, but they’re critical to success. There are many ways to get the message across though, including some amusing ones which we’ll explain below.


Ted’s Life Experience in Bricklaying

I’m new in the ABBTF Victorian office and having a dad as a bricklayer, I’ve been invited, with his approval, to share part of his very successful life and work experience with readers. Dad, or Ted Breeuwer to you, is now a retired bricklayer but he’s responsible for quite a lot of brickwork on public and private buildings in Melbourne and even in regional Victoria. He’s got a few tips on how to be successful too.

My dad came to Australia in 1958 as a fitter and turner and mechanic, but he saw bigger opportunities in bricklaying. In 1965 he teamed up with his bricklaying brother-in-law Joe Schroen and with his ability to read drawings and being good with his hands, dad caught on very quickly. Within two months he was even building six units on his own on weekends!


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