Become a Bricklayer Launches New Jobs Board

Bricklaying Jobs Board

We’ve launched a new job board for the Australian bricklaying industry. The board will help employers connect with local apprentices by providing them with a free platform to advertise any current job vacancies.

Become a Bricklayer is proud to announce the launch of our very own online jobs board to help apprentices, bricklayers and employers connect with each other. We’re regularly asked by apprentices if anyone is hiring in their local area, and we’ve decided to make the entire process a lot easier by providing a platform that is specific to the bricklaying industry where employers can post their jobs for free.

We’ve kept it nice and simple, with fewer barriers for both parties: Employers will be able to quickly put up a listing for their local area when they need temporary or ongoing bricklayers and apprentices, and job-seekers can apply directly on the platform.

The best part? It’ll be completely free for both parties to allow employers quick access to the job market without spending time or money on Seek listings or other platforms.

Bricklaying Jobs Board

We believe that this new platform for job listings will improve career outcomes for both apprentices and qualified bricklayers by enabling them to search for work in their local area quickly and simply. Whether you’re a young apprentice ready to make their mark, or an experienced brickie looking for a job, the Become a Bricklayer Jobs Board will cater for all levels of experience. You’ll find everything that you need to know about registering and applying for jobs here.

For employers using the Jobs Board, your applicants will consist of job-ready apprentices and qualified bricklayers – you won’t have to sift through applications from spammers and tire-kickers like you would experience on other job posting platforms. You’ll find everything that you need to know about creating and posting job listings here.

We’re always trying to improve career outcomes for bricklayers, usually through offering apprenticeship incentives or providing helpful information to kickstart their career, but this time we’ve gone a bit further to offer a direct line of communication between switched-on job seekers and industry-minded employers. We’re hopeful that our new Jobs Board will make life a whole lot easier for both parties and improve perceptions of the job outcomes for aspiring bricklayers.

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  1. Jubilee

    Hey I’m really interested in brick laying is it alright if I can sign up anytime sooner thank you


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