Best HIA Apprentice Isn’t New to Winning

Alan Ramsden V3- Headshot

Alan Ramsden completed his Bricklaying Apprenticeship in November 2013. The three years he spent as part of this journey was a great success – and an inspiration to young people who are considering an apprenticeship in bricklaying.

Over the three years, Alan’s hard work, creativity and the skills he developed as a bricklayer paid off in ways that have made the ABBTF very proud.

Since starting his apprenticeship, Alan has collected a large number of awards for his work. In 2013 he competed at the International WorldSkills Competition in Leipzig, Germany, winning the Medal of Excellence.


Prior to this, Alan was awarded Best MBA/ABBTF Bricklaying Apprentice (2011), Best 1st Year HIA Bricklaying Apprentice (2012), Best 2nd Year HIA Bricklaying Apprentice (2013), and very recently in June 2014, Alan was awarded the Best 3rd Year HIA Bricklaying Apprentice, Best 3rd Year Overall Apprentice and Best HIA Apprentice for 2014. When asked about his most recent win, Alan stated he feels “more proud and honoured than ever”.

As for the favourite part of his apprenticeship, Alan stated that the entire journey has been incredibly enjoyable, “It’s taken me across the world”, he said. He also pointed out his physical health and fitness have improved and strengthened over the years of his apprenticeship due to the nature of the work itself.

Manager of ABBTF Western Australia, Dean Pearson, describes Alan as the “most current champion” of ABBTF, a hardworking and skillful young person who now has a fantastic trade to forever be able to use.

Alan Ramsden - I am a champion

Since completing his apprenticeship, Alan has continued to work for his host but will be going out to work for himself in the next few months. His next great ambition is to join the Australian Defence Forces in the Special Air Services SAS/Commando Division. Despite this, Alan knows that bricklaying is what he will always come back to. Good luck Alan from ABBTF, we look forward to hearing about your future achievements.

To young people considering a bricklaying apprenticeship, Alan says “Go for it. Have fun. It’s great money and so much freedom.”

Geoff Noble

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