Big demand for Bricklaying Apprentices in WA

Bricklaying Apprentices are in High Demand

Bricklaying apprentices are again in very high demand in Western Australia as the building industry tries to cope with recent increased activity.

This year we have seen significant increases in building approvals given low interest rates, increased first home buyer benefits for new homes and general increased market confidence.

In times like these the industry relies heavily on existing tradesman to not only complete new works, but also maintain fair build times for consumers. 

At the moment advertisements for bricklayers are averaging 30 plus weekly and build times are blowing out to beyond 9 months as they did in 2006-2007.


Fresh blood in the form of bricklaying apprentices are needed to enter the industry to learn relevant and life-lasting skills and provide much needed trade support to the existing trades.  Right now is a great time to get an apprenticeship as ABBTF is currently in contact with many employers looking for bricklaying apprentices in WA and there’s a great induction offer on the table.  Why bricklaying you ask?  It’s the freedom it gives you, while you’re training and in the future.  Check out our website, Become-a-Bricklayer for a first look at what’s involved and call us on 08 9358 4660 now if you’re interested in learning more about an apprenticeship.

Given the commitment required to complete an apprenticeship it is essential to be highly motivated and have a sound reason for entering this, or any other trade for that matter.   Current job vacancies can be viewed here.

Great Offer to Trial

To assist in understanding the trade, Silver Trowel Training has introduced a 3 day bricklaying induction program available to all suitably qualified young people.  It’s a completely free opportunity to explore the trade and we’d encourage you to not pass up the chance.

The program entails:

  • A job interview to ascertain a suitability for further training
  • Some basic trade and industry skills training
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Structured work experience with a local bricklayer (matched)
  • Potential apprenticeship

Further details about Silver Trowel Training’s introductory course are available from Daniel Kemp on 0478 118 714.

Dean Pearson
ABBTF WA Manager

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