Blending the Brickwork is Your Responsibility – Be Proud of it!

blending 1If you wish brickwork and in particular face brickwork to remain a major part of the construction industry in the future, you need to take the responsibility for it.

Ignoring your responsibility for quality blending puts the future of bricks at risk of being rendered useless.

Don’t judge a book by its cover they say, but most of us do!  Drive past a house with bad face brickwork and we judge the whole house by the poor face work.

In the history of masonry and brickwork, while strength of a construction was of paramount importance, beauty ran a close second.  Masons and bricklayers in the past were held in high regard in their communities and societies due to the quality and feature work of the many hundreds of year old commercial buildings, churches and castles still standing throughout the world to this day.

However, most clients today view the aesthetics of good brickwork as their main focus, which put the pressure squarely on you!

Blending Brickwork_Ian Fitzgerald 230712.docIt’s your responsibility as bricklayer to listen to manufacturers and suppliers’ advice and information on blending of brick into a face wall to ensure good looking brickwork.

They provide quality materials but the final standard of the workmanship requires you to deliver a professional quality job to the owner and client – not just working to a mediocre standard, based on a rate of pay at the time! You are building for the OWNER not the builder.

Pride and quality in your work should be your main driver – blending the bricks in the wall is part of your job responsibility as a true master craftsman.  You don’t just lay bricks for a living and you can’t blame someone else if you don’t listen to the blending advice provided by manufacturers.

Imagine you were building the construction you’re working on now, for your own home or business and ask yourself ‘Would I accept the quality of this work being produced?’  When buying items for yourself, big or small, cheap or expensive, you always expect perfection!  So why should you not afford your clients and owner the same expectation?

blending 200Apprenticeships and formal training play a very important role in developing a quality bricklayer.  I am a qualified Bricklayer and have endeavored to follow the principle of setting and working to a high standard of quality workmanship throughout my career and I recommend the same approach to you.

‘Blending in’ will help keep the trade and brickwork alive in the future. Pride People!  PRIDE!

Ian Fitzgerald,
ABBTF WA Field Officer


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