Brickie Brenton Moonlighting in The Great Gatsby


As reported May 25, 2013 by Ninemsn, laying bricks one minute, then on the set of Baz Luhrmann’s just released movie ‘The Great Gatsby’.  Brenton Prince was knocked for six when he was phoned to get himself down to Fox Studio’s, after having auditions for a bit part in the movie, currently screening.   He says he dropped his tools, told the boss and went straight there, no time to spare.  As the ninemsn video shows it looked like he had a ball – including speaking with Leonardo Di Caprio and sharing a joke about his character’s name.  He also has a small speaking part, which gets him a credit on names roll at the movie’s end.


The video link here includes a small grab of the movie’s ‘extras’ footage what shows the part.  So, watch out for Brenton Prince – who knows – anything’s possible, but in the meantime, Brenton, back to the site!  We’ll all be watching for your bit in the movie now J


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