Brickies Can Handle the Heat

michael-taylor-with-hat-and-caption-2016-special-sizeRecently we have experienced the true meaning of the term ‘Melbourne Weather’. The extreme temperatures that we have experienced randomly were made all the more uncomfortable as we went from one extreme to another to such a degree that the heat took many by surprise.

Normally this time of year we get the chance to ease into the warmer weather however many bricklayers told me they were caught out by the recent surge of heat because of all the unusual cold conditions we have been experiencing. They said that because they hadn’t had a chance to acclimatise into summer that the one really hot day knocked them and their gang around.

It is important to remember that these random soars in temperature can affect our hydration which can also be harmful to our health. With these days of extreme heat brickies know how to be sun-smart bricklayers to get the job done.

That’s why Brickies use these things to avoid the heat:

  • Start work earlier to use the cooler part of the day
  • Work on the shady side of the job if there is one
  • Take an Esky with plenty of ice and drinks
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Wear a hat with a flap at the back and long sleeve shirt
  • Keep the mortar mix moist and workable
  • Keep your tools in the shade.


  • Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide on the sunnies.


It’s important for Employers to make sure your apprentice understands these tips to avoid the heat and how to remain productive but safe in the heat. Maintain a strong focus on OH&S standards.

You’re all under the pump this time of year but make sure you take time out of the sun if you need it.

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Victorian ABBTF Manager

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  1. Stephen Heyman

    Hi. Just wondering if i would be able to get one of those Abbtf bricklaying hats please. I t would come in handy during the hot summer. My name is Steve Heyman and did my bricklaying apprenticeship with bn bricklaying through you guys. Thanks heaps. My address is 9 kalgan way albion park.


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