Bricklayer & Apprentice – What an Employer can Expect

what_to_expect_smlEmploying an apprentice for the first time can be an experience that employers are not always prepared for.

The expectations on both sides are not always realistic and first impressions and the approach to the relationship can be crucial to having a successful outcome.

We have gathered feedback from bricklayers who have learned from their experience and have prepared key points for bricklayers on ‘What to Expect’ and ‘What is Expected of You’. 

What to expect of your apprentice: 

  • Limited knowledge of OH&S
  • Limited knowledge of workplace protocol –
    call if late/sick
  • Minimal strength and stamina at the start
  • Parental contact
  • Feedback from TAFE/RTO
  • 6-8 weeks training at a TAFE/RTO each year
  • May not have own transport
  • Z Gen characteristics
  • Expect weekly improvements in your apprentice, with your training.

What is expected of you as an employer? 

  • Maintain focus on OH&S standards
  • Give clear instructions
  • Understand the training requirements
  • Develop a relationship with the TAFE/RTO
  • Assist the apprentice with travel
  • Comply with the award and conditions
  • Be a role model and a leader
  • Encourage apprenticeship completion
  • Adequate on site training including time on the trowel.


Strategies for Z Generation (born in the 1990’s) include:

  • If you want them to care, you need to care about them
  • Job/task variety
  • Provide regular constructive feedback
  • Encourage career development
  • Find common ground
  • Encourage pride in the job.

Geoff Noble

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