Bricklayer Recognised by McGrath Foundation
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First ‘Man Month’ Ambassador

Col with Nurses with Caption
You’ll recall Col Sommerfeld, brickie from Mackay, who was instrumental in raising a massive $24,000 for The McGrath Foundation which promotes awareness of the importance of diagnosing breast cancer early.  He and another Mackay identity James ‘Yogi’ Roger, created an event called ‘Tradies Go Pink’ growing dreadlocks, which they then dyed pink and then publically had shaved off.   In the process they raised enormous local awareness and built funds for the organisation.


Col again caught the eye of the McGrath Foundation which has since embarked on a month of promotion in April, focusing on male heroes.   Col was subsequently made the McGrath Foundation’s first Man Month Ambassador.   The Foundation’s introduced a ‘MANifesto’, said to make you a better man – take a look!  Behind the fun, it’s said to ensure you are committed to making sure that the women in your life are breast aware.

During his fundraising efforts Col decided to make the trip to the Oncology unit at a Queensland Hospital. After getting over the shock of his pink mane of dreadlocks, the nurses took Col on a tour where he met with two Queensland based McGrath Breast Care Nurses, Lynda Campbell and Margaret Stapleton who provide vital care and support for families experiencing breast cancer.

“Meeting those two women had a really profound effect on me. They were like people’s aunties, and I just have so much respect for not only those two caring ladies, but all McGrath Breast Care Nurses. They absolutely deserve recognition for the amazing work they do in communities all around Australia,” Col said.

“As men we have to realise we can play a huge role in helping the women we love be breast aware and know the signs. Whether it’s your mother, daughter, sister, wife, girlfriend, auntie, or just a friend, we need to show our support and play an active role against breast cancer.

Tony Bishop
ABBTF Qld Manager

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