Bricklayers Can Influence the Brick & Block Market

pen_health_centreThe award winning Peninsula Health Mornington Centre in Victoria is an example of a project converted to clay brick from other materials.

Bricklayers can help direct the thinking and the decision on product choice and increase the usage of clay bricks and concrete masonry in residential and commercial construction.

Brick and block manufacturers invest significantly in promoting the benefits of using their products.  Industry bodies such as Think Brick Australia and the Concrete Masonry Association of Australia are very active in making the industry aware of the many advantages that segmental walling products provide.  Bricklayers can also do this.

The industry is continually challenged by the choice of alternative walling products and it is important that the trade adds its weight to influence the usage of bricks and blocks.

Successful commercial bricklayers do not limit their quoting to projects where bricks and blocks are already specified.  There is ample scope to quote against other walling materials.  The actual total cost of bricks and blocks in the wall is often a pleasant surprise to specifiers compared with the alternatives.

We encourage all bricklayers to carry the message of the benefits of bricks and blocks, whether to supervisors, on residential or commercial job sites or quoting supply-and-install against other materials on commercial projects.

Geoff Noble
26 August 2013

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